lot 30. «Beyond the Water». Unknown artist

lot 30. «Beyond the Water»

canvas/oil, 60.5x60.5 cm, 1947?

there is a signature in the lower left corner

Start price: 25 000 
It is sold for: 25000
lot 30. «Beyond the Water». Unknown artist
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lot 1. «Pskov», Fridman Renat Arkadevich.

lot 1. «Pskov»

Fridman Renat Arkadevich

paper/watercolor, 34x49 cm, 1970s

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lot 2. «Woman's portrait», Zaklikovskaya Sofya Ludwigovna.

lot 2. «Woman's portrait»

Zaklikovskaya Sofya Ludwigovna

paper/pencil, 46x32 cm, 1960s

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lot 3. «Tiger», Kapustina Tatyana Porfiryevna.

lot 3. «Tiger»

Kapustina Tatyana Porfiryevna

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lot 4. «A ship at sea», Rotach Alexander Lukich.

lot 4. «A ship at sea»

Rotach Alexander Lukich

paper/watercolor, 27x39 cm, 1950s

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