lot 82. «The Tale of the Golden Cockerel». Konkov Evgeniy Illarionovich

lot 82. «The Tale of the Golden Cockerel»

etching, watercolor, 23x16 cm, sheet: 35.5x27.5 cm, 1977

Start price: 3 000 
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lot 1. «Puss in Boots», Filippenko Vladimir Yuryevich.

lot 1. «Puss in Boots»

Filippenko Vladimir Yuryevich

color lithography, 31.5x26 cm, 1990s

Price: 1 500 

lot 2. «Shepherdess and chimney sweep», Alekseeva Marina Vasilievna.

lot 2. «Shepherdess and chimney sweep»

Alekseeva Marina Vasilievna

color lithography, 32.5x40 cm, 1990s

Price: 2 000 

lot 3. «Masha», Marttila Elena Oskarovna.

lot 3. «Masha»

Marttila Elena Oskarovna

color linocut, 51x37.5 cm, 1995

Price: 2 500 

lot 4. «Masha and the Bear», Voroshilov Shamil Iskhakovich.

lot 4. «Masha and the Bear»

Voroshilov Shamil Iskhakovich

color lithography, 39.5x43 cm, 1980s

Price: 2 000