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«From the Watch», Salakhov Tair Teymurovich

«From the Watch»

Salakhov Tair Teymurovich

canvas/oil, 163х352 cm, 1957.


«Female naked model», Salakhov T.T.

«Female naked model»

Salakhov Tair Teymurovich

canvas/oil, 119х85 cm, 1956.


«Tatar girl's portrait», Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich

«Tatar girl's portrait»

Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich

canvas/oil, 87х66 cm, 1950.


«The Tatar holiday of a harvest - Sabantuy», Aminov F.F.

«The Tatar holiday of a harvest - Sabantuy»

Aminov Fayzulla Fayzrakhmanovich

canvas/oil, 154х245,5 cm, 1948.