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Ushakov-Poskochin Maxim Vladimirovich

Maxim Vladimirovich Ushakov-Poskochin - Russian, Soviet artist, graphic artist, illustrator, cartoonist, theater artist. In the years 1912-1924 studied in the Petersburg Academy of Arts under D. N. Kardovsky, A. I. Savinov. Since 1922 he designed and illustrated more than 220 books. He worked in various publishing houses of the country, including: Rainbow, Surf, Academia, Young Guard, etc. In 1925, he received an honorary diploma at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris.

In 1930, woodcutting became the main technique of the artist. Book Graphics M.V. Ushakova-Poskochina is distinguished by accurate composition, subtlety of graphic techniques, and masterly ability to develop a board surface. Among the best works are illustrations for the first volume of «Bylin of the North» (1938), for the works of the Roman poet and satirist Juvenal, W. Shakespeare, M. Yu. Lermontov, and the Armenian epos «David Sasunsky».

In 1941 repressed. Rehabilitated posthumously.


Past auctions

lot 52. «Portrait of a Storyteller», Ushakov-Poskochin Maxim Vladimirovich
lot 52. «Portrait of a Storyteller»

Ushakov-Poskochin Maxim Vladimirovich

woodcut, proof print (No. 3). 15.5x12 cm, 1935

2 000 ₽

lot 33. «Pavilion in the park», Ushakov-Poskochin Maxim Vladimirovich
lot 33. «Pavilion in the park»

Ushakov-Poskochin Maxim Vladimirovich

paper, ink, feather, 16.6x20.4 cm, 1930s

4 000 ₽

lot 104. «Book covers», Ushakov-Poskochin Maxim Vladimirovich
lot 104. «Book covers»

Ushakov-Poskochin Maxim Vladimirovich

7 test color prints, sizes: 20.5x15.5; 18.5x14.5; 18.5x15.5; 18.5x13.5, collection preservation, 1926-1927