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In January, .

In January


oil on canvas, 60x47 cm, 1976


Near the old mill, Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich.

Near the old mill

Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich

oil on cardboard, 50x70 cm, 1970s


lot 41. «Flowers on the dressing table», Belakovskaya Victoria Markovna.

lot 41. «Flowers on the dressing table»

Belakovskaya Victoria Markovna

oil on canvas, 75x56 cm, 1950


lot 40. «Stewardess», Proshkin Victor Nikolaevich.

lot 40. «Stewardess»

Proshkin Victor Nikolaevich

oil on canvas, 51x38 cm


Fruit in a basket, Antipova Evgenia Petrovna.

lot 52. Fruit in a basket

Antipova Evgenia Petrovna

paper/watercolor, 51x65 cm


lot 4. «Window with an alpine peony», Antipova Evgenia Petrovna.

lot 4. «Window with an alpine peony»

Antipova Evgenia Petrovna

canvas/oil, 96x78 cm, 1982


lot 44. «House with a balcony», Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

lot 44. «House with a balcony»

Teterin Victor Kuzmich

watercolor on paper, 60x50.5 cm, 1966


«Nude», .



paper, felt-tip pen, 1970s


lot 25. «Early spring», Byzova Zlata Nikolaevna.

lot 25. «Early spring»

Byzova Zlata Nikolaevna

cardboard/oil, 69x50.5 cm, 1950s


lot 113. «Homework», Byzova Zlata Nikolaevna.

lot 113. «Homework»

Byzova Zlata Nikolaevna

hardboard, oil, 69x49 cm, 1952


lot 113. «On the bridges», Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich.

lot 113. «On the bridges»

Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich

cardboard/oil, 35x50 cm, 1980s


lot 50. «Village «Chernavino»», Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich.

lot 50. «Village «Chernavino»»

Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich

cardboard, oil, 56x47 cm, 1986


lot 52. «Veranda», Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich.

lot 52. «Veranda»

Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich

cardboard, oil, 70.5x50 cm


lot 51. «In the field», Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich.

lot 51. «In the field»

Varichev Ivan Mikhailovich

cardboard, oil, 41.5x50.5 cm


lot 170. «Evening», Zagonek Vyacheslav Frantsevich.

lot 170. «Evening»

Zagonek Vyacheslav Frantsevich

canvas/oil, 44x54 cm, 1978


lot 195. «Drawing circle», .

lot 195. «Drawing circle»


cardboard, oil, 50x39 cm, 1970


Meditation, Krantz Vladimir Pavlovich.


Krantz Vladimir Pavlovich

cardboard/oil, 20x26 cm, 2000


«Lilac», Egoshin German Pavlovich.


Egoshin German Pavlovich

cardboard, oil, 44x33 cm, 2009