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Catalog on categories: «Animalistic»

Animalism (Animalistic genre), sometimes also Animalism (from an Latin. Animal - an animal) - the genre of the fine arts which main object are animals, mainly in painting, a photo, a sculpture, a drawing and is more rare in decorative art. Animalism combines natural science and artistic beginnings. Animals should be shown close-up, reliably and with their specific character.

The main task of an animal painter can be both the accuracy of the image of the animal, and artistic and imaginative characteristics, including decorative expressiveness or giving animals the inherent traits, actions and experiences (for example, the image of anthropomorphic characters of fairy tales and fables).

To depict animals began in ancient times in ancient Egypt, ancient Assyria, in the tribes of the Scythians and Sarmatians. From nature, animals began to depict from the 8th century in China. During the Renaissance in Europe, the artists Pisanello and Dürer also depicted animals in their works. Over time, animal artists began to appear in many countries.

From the sculpture has spread animalistic ceramics. Stylized figures of animals are among the monuments of animal style, in the art of the Ancient East, Africa, Oceania, ancient America, and in the folk art of many countries. Artists working in the animalistic genre are called animal painters.

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