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Daran Daniil Borisovich

Daran Daniil Borisovich (March 4 [16], 1894, Voronezh - June 4, 1964, Moscow) - graphic artist, stage designer. He studied at the Bogolyubovsky drawing school in Saratov (1909–1916) under P. S. Utkin. He lived in Saratov and Moscow (since 1921). Performed landscapes, portraits, genre compositions; worked a lot in watercolor, ink, etching. He created a series of graphic works (watercolor, ink, feather) on the themes of «Ballet» (1920s – early 1960s), «Circus» (1930–50s), «Nude» (1940s), «Sports» (1940-50s), Moscow Region Cities (1940s).

He was engaged in book graphics, a poster. Collaborated in the newspaper «Gudok», the magazines «Poor», «Lapot», «Crocodile». He illustrated books for Goslitizdat, the publishing house «Soviet Writer» and others. He designed the publications: «Stories» (1933), «Selected Works» by A. M. Gorky (1936), «School» by A. P. Gaidar (1934), the trilogy «Childhood Themes», «High School Students» and «Students» N. G. Garin-Mikhailovsky (1936), «The Zemgano Brothers» by E. Goncourt (1934, 1957), «Selected Poems» by A. Isahakyan (1945), «Selected» by A. Machado-i-Ruiz (1948), «Commander Marceau» J. Laffitte (1955), «Thaw» by I. G. Ehrenburg (1956), «Visiting Youth» by S. G. Gecht (1960), «My Dream, Circus ...» by V. M. Zvereva and V. A. Zvereva (1964) and others.

Since 1917 - participant of exhibitions (Saratov). Member of the group «13» (1929-1931). He exhibited his works at exhibitions: the Association of Graphic Artists at the Press House (1st, 2nd, 3rd graphic exhibitions; 1926, 1927, 1928), acquisitions of the State Commission on the Acquisition of Fine Arts for 1928–1929 (1930) , «Artists of the RSFSR for XV years» (1933–1934), «Soviet illustration for fiction over 5 years. 1931-1936» (1936), «Exhibition of etching. 1934-1944» (1944), watercolors and ceramics of Soviet artists (1960), «Physical education and sports in the visual arts» (1962) in Moscow, 2nd traveling exhibition (1930) in Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Sverdlovsk and other cities. Participated in a number of foreign exhibitions, in particular, exhibitions of Soviet art in London (1930), Zurich, Johannesburg (both - 1931), Koenigsberg (1932) and others. Held solo exhibitions in Moscow (1946, 1962, 1964).

He taught at the art studio «Red Ray» Mosenergo (1923, 1950-1955) and the art school in Kazan.

Creativity is represented in major museum collections, including the Pushkin Museum. State Russian Museum and others.


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