Gallery of the paintings of the Foundation «The Imperial Society for the Encouragement of Arts» is the multi-purpose project working in the sphere of sales of works of the fine arts in Russia and other countries. The main activity - saving the Russian cultural heritage by formation of collections of painting for individuals, the organizations and the museums. The gallery renders all range of services by determination of investment attractiveness of works of art. It is selection of the objects having the collection value, determination of their cost, art criticism and technique – technological expertize, assessment of dynamics of growth of the price of perspective works in the Russian and international markets.
We work as with creative heritage of the Soviet period of classical painting, and with cloths of a so-called «alternative esthetics» of 60-70 of the 20th century, antiquarian painting. The modern painting is widely provided by patterns of the recognized masters of painting and still unknown talented youth.
One of activities of Gallery is the organization and holding auctions. The gallery collects, evaluate and provide on the auction painting, objects decoratively – applied art, period furniture and other lots.
Educational and philanthropic activities make an important part of operation of the project.
Galer organizes exhibitions which are held not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the museums of Russia - Pskov, Novgorod, Izborsk, Kirov, Yoshkar-Ola, Syktyvkar. The most part of exhibitions is arranged free of charge for artists, with the purpose to help creative people to become better known and demanded, and to a wide range of fans of art to get acquainted with their works.

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