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Golovatinsky Mikhail Yakovlevich

Golovatinsky Mikhail Yakovlevich (1896-1973) - film artist, graphic artist, book illustrator. Mikhail Yakovlevich was born on November 21, 1896. Until 1940 he worked in Ukraine. He was a member of the Association of Modern Masters of Ukraine (1927-1932). Participant of exhibitions. Author of book illustrations. Among the books that he designed: «What saved them» V.L. Polishchuk (Kiev, 1933), «Forest rhyme» by N. Zabila (Odessa, 1934), «Fairy tales» by G.-Kh. Andersen (Odessa, 1937). He worked at the «Lenfilm» film studio as an artist of combined filming. Among the films in which he participated: «Wait for Me» (1943), «She Defends the Motherland» (1943), «Heavenly Slow Mover» (1945, with M.G. Goldenzweig), «Nameless Island» (1946), Tiger Tamer (1954), Two Captains (1955). He died in 1973. Buried in the South Cemetery.


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