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Grabar Igor Emanuelovich

Grabar Igor Emanuelovich - painter, born in 1871. He studied in Moscow, at the Lyceum of Tsarevich Nikolai and at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University. At the end of it (1893) he entered the Academy of Fine Arts, then studied in Paris and Munich. Returning, he entered the workshop of Repin, but did not stay there long and again left for Munich, where he entered Ashbe school; a year later became a teacher at this school. In 1901 he settled in St. Petersburg, where, together with Prince Shcherbakov, he launched a large art enterprise, Contemporary Art, organized a series of exhibitions of individual artists, applied art, Japanese painting, etc.

Grabar took a trip to the North of Russia, studying ancient wooden architecture. Since 1902, Grabar has taken part in the exhibitions of the World of Art, in the Salon and the Union; exhibits abroad: in Munich, in Paris, in the "Salon d'Automne", in 1906 at the exhibition of Russian art, arranged by S.P. Diaghilev, in Rome at the international exhibition in 1909

In the first period of artistic activity, Grabar remains realistic and joins the circle of Moscow landscape painters, then he is fond of solving technical problems in painting and becomes the largest representative of the school of pointelists in Russia. In a number of large paintings and vivid sketches, he depicts Russian nature and gives workshops «nature morte».

In the Tretyakov Gallery there are paintings: «Ray of the Sun» (1900), «February Azure» (1904) and «Unselected Table» (1907); in the museum of Alexander III: «Lilac and forget-me-nots» (1905); in the collection of V. Girshman in Moscow, «September Snow» (1903); «Weeping Birch» (1904) and «Chrysanthemums» (1905); in the collection of I.A. Morozov's «March Snow» (1904); in the literary and artistic circle in Moscow «Hoarfrost» (1906); at the National Gallery in Rome, Morning Tea (1904). Grabar wrote a lot about art: in «World of Art», «Libra», «Old Years», «Apollon», «Niva» and others, the text is in the publication of Knebel: «Pictures of contemporary artists in paints», the editor of which he also consists ; he is the editor and the largest employee of the publication undertaken by Knebel: «History of Russian Art», as well as a number of monographs: «Russian Artists».

In early 1913, the Moscow City Duma was elected trustee of the Tretyakov Gallery. In addition to painting, he studied architecture in Munich. According to his projects in 1912 - 13 years, a whole hospital town «Zakharyinsky Hospital» was built in Khimki, near Moscow.


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