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Gushchin Kirill Alexandrovich

Gushchin Kirill Alexandrovich (1932— October 4, 2014) - Soviet painter, Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1960. Born in Leningrad in the family of art critic A.S. Gushchin on August 11, 1932. In 1947-1952 he studied at the Secondary Art School. Upon graduation in 1952 he entered the painting faculty of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, which he graduated in 1958 in the studio of I. Serebryany with the qualification of a painting artist. Thesis - painting «Spring».

Since 1958 he has participated in numerous exhibitions, including group exhibitions «A. Semenov, S. Osipov, K. Gushchin» (1978), «twenty six» (1990) in Leningrad, «K. Gushchin, Y. Pavlov, T. Voronetskaya» (1990) in Moscow, «Z. Arshakuni, K. Gushchin, G. Egoshin, V. Rakhina» (1996) in Yaroslavl. Participant of exhibitions of Russian painting in Japan (1976, 1987), Finland (1985), France (1986), Germany (1986), Bulgaria (1987), Cuba (1988). Personal exhibition in Leningrad (1989). He painted landscapes, portraits, still lifes, genre compositions. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1960. Since 1965 he has been teaching painting at the V. Mukhina School, professor (1990). Personal exhibitions in 1989 in the exhibition halls of the Leningrad Union of Artists, in 2007 in the State Russian Museum.

Among the works created by Gushchin are the paintings «Old Town», «First Snow» (both 1959), «Girl on a Red Suzane» (1965), «Portrait of Kutfi», «Morning of the Expedition» (both 1961), «Construction», «Town in the taiga» (both 1962), «Snowy Day», «Remembrance of Suzdal» (both 1966), «Portrait of V. N. Sorokina» (1970), «Window in Polkhov Maidan», «Kargopol Painting» (both 1973 ), «Toys of Ulyana Ivanovna Babkina» (1974), «Portrait of a Son» (1975), «Still Life with Begonia» (1976), «Filimonov Toys» (1977), «Izba. Spring» (1982), «Flowers and the Swallow» (1984), «April in the Courtyards» (1985), «Mushroom Autumn» (1988), «Blue and Pink» (1992), «Birds of Autumn» (1995) and others ...

Kirill Gushchin's works are in museums in Russia and abroad, including: State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow; Ministry of Culture of Russia, Moscow; Directorate of Museums of the Leningrad Region; in art galleries and art museums in Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Magadan, Saransk, Sverdlovsk, Tula, in private collections in Russia and abroad.


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