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Ksidias Pericles Spiridonovich

Pericles Spiridonovich Ksidias (13 on July (25) 1872 — 1942) is the Russian Soviet artist, the schedule, the engraver. Is an engraver of the first Soviet brands.

Pericles was born on July 13, 1872 on the Greek island of Cephalonia. Former Greek citizen. From 1889 to 1893 studied in Academy of Arts, was I.P. Pozhalostin's pupil. In 1891 received the second and first silver medals in a life class. In 1897 for an engraving «A.F. Kokorinov's Portrait» Pericles Ksidias was awarded the artist's ranks. In 1906 was entitled the academician. Works by P. Ksidias were exhibited at spring exhibitions at Academy of Arts where he was a member of Society of A.I. Kuindzhi. The most part of the creative biography of the artist is occupied by creation of the state bank notes and stamps.


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