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Kuks Miney Ilyich

Kuks Miney Ilyich (1902–1978) graphic artist. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. He studied at the Kopylov studio in Irkutsk (until 1925). Until 1930, he studied in Moscow, in the Higher art and technical workshops. He worked at the State Publishing House of a children's book. In 1941-1945, he collaborated with the Leningrad association of poster artists «Battle Pencil». The author of the poster How two partisan detachments beat the fascist reptile (1941, together with Yu. N. Petrov and V. A. Tambi). The circulation poster of M. I. Kuks is kept in the collection of the Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore.


Past auctions

lot 13. «Squirrels on the tree», Kuks Miney Ilyich
lot 13. «Squirrels on the tree»

Kuks Miney Ilyich

lithograph, 60x47 cm, 1956

5 750 ₽

«Still life with a lemon», Kuks Miney Ilyich
«Still life with a lemon»

Kuks Miney Ilyich

author's lithograph, 42x31 cm, 1975


lot 156. «Beasts in the Forest», Kuks Miney Ilyich
lot 156. «Beasts in the Forest»

Kuks Miney Ilyich

lithograph, 52x43 cm, 1958

6 000 ₽