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Miklashevich Sergey Viktorovich

Miklashevich Sergey Viktorovich (1946) - artist, graphic artist, Member of the Union of Artists (1977), Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Sergey Viktorovich was born in Moscow. Awarded with a silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts (1998). Participant of over 500 exhibitions. A series of etchings «Old ships», awarded with a diploma at the Biennial of the Baltic States (Norway, Oslo, 1980). The artist also received a diploma from the USSR Academy of Arts (1988); I degree diploma at the graphic exhibition-competition dedicated to the 850th anniversary of Moscow.

In 1974 he graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (teachers P.G. Zakharov and A.D. Goncharov). Since 1974 he has been a regular participant in Moscow and Russian exhibitions, as well as exhibitions abroad. The artist has had several group and solo exhibitions. Works in many engraving techniques: end woodcut, linocut, etching and lithography. Professor of the Department of «Design», Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Professor of the Department of Composition, Graphics and Design at the Institute of Communication Technologies (Moscow). Works are included in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin, Belgorod State Art Museum, many other museums in Russia.


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