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Orlova-Mochalova Maria Nikolaevna

Maria Nikolaevna Orlova-Mochalova (1898 - 1958) - artist, graphic artist. Studied at the All-Russian Academy of Arts. Education took place at the graphic faculty. In 1923, she graduated from the workshop of Pavel Aleksandrovich Shillingovsky (1881–1942). Member of the societies: Society for the Promotion of Arts, section of engravers. In the summer of 1936, Maria Nikolaevna Orlova-Mochalova came to Pushkin places. Maria Nikolaevna turned to the Pushkin theme in 1930. Together with V. M. Konashevich, S. M. Mochalov and N. K. Fan der Flit, she created very successful illustrations for Pushkin's Tales (the book was published in the series «Cheap Classics Library»).

Later, in 1948 and 1950, she again turned to the poet's tales («The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights» and «The Tale of Tsar Saltan»). In the technique of woodcuts, Orlova-Mochalova performed illustrations for the book of V. Shirokiy «Pushkin in Mikhailovsky». Two graphic sheets by Maria Orlova-Mochalova, 1936, depicting the corners of the Trigorsky Park - «Oak in Trigorsky Park» and «Park in Trigorsky». In these landscapes, everything is fanned by subtle lyricism, immerses in a contemplative state.


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