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Osipov Evgeny Alexandrovich

Osipov Evgeny Alexandrovich (born 1953) - graphic artist, cartoonist, graphic designer. Member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Journalists of Russia. Born in Leningrad, lives and works in St. Petersburg.
In 1977 he graduated from Voenmech with a degree in rocket engineer. In 1978 he entered, and in 1984 graduated from the Mukhinsky School (Faculty of Technical Design). He was engaged in graphic and advertising design.
The first cartoons were published in 1976 in the institute's large circulation «For Engineering Personnel».

Published in regional and central publishing houses. He worked in the creative association «Battle Pencil» (since 1985), published there several dozen satirical posters on various topics: «And we have perestroika! ...», «Puppeteer», «Peacemaker», «I see no way to disarmament», «Cultural Exchange», «Economic Aid» (1980s), «Everyone is familiar with the appearance. ... ... .» (1987), «Tied Up» (1988), «For Rent», «Is Daddy a Rainbow?» (both -1990). He was engaged in illustrating books, creating advertising posters.

Chief artist of the park of culture and rest in St. Petersburg. Participant of Russian and international competitions, exhibitions of cartoons, has repeatedly become their laureate. Since the late 1970s - a member of the Leningrad Club of Cartoonists. In 2010 he graduated from the courses of animators. In the same year, a collection of cartoons in the series “Masters of Caricature” was published by Helikon Plus publishing house. Posters by E. A. Osipov are in the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, in private collections in Russia and Portugal.


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