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Shillingovsky Pavel Alexandrovich

Pavel Aleksandrovich Shillingovsky (February 16 (28), 1881, Chisinau, Bessarabian province - April 5, 1942, Leningrad) - Soviet engraver, painter, teacher. The representative of the academic school. He studied at the Odessa Art College (1895-1900) with K. K. Kostandi, G. A. Ladyzhensky, A. A. Popov, at the St. Petersburg Higher Art School at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1901-1914) with D. N. Kardovsky and in the workshop of V.V. Mate (1912-1914).

He taught at the Petrograd State Free Artistic Training Workshops - Higher State Artistic Technical Institute - Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. Repin (former Academy of Arts) in Leningrad (1921-1929 and 1935-1937) and in (1918-1920) , at the printing (1921-1925), graphic (1925-1927) faculties and at the graphic workshop (1936-1941).

In etchings and woodcuts (landscape, portrait), he turned to the heritage of classical engraving (founded by A. Durer). He also worked as a painter and lithographer. In 1913 he engraved a series of etchings «Bessarabia» (etching, 1913). In 1923 - an album of woodcuts «Petersburg. Ruins and rebirth» (1922-1923). The last work of the artist was the cycle «The besieged city» (1941-1942), also in the technique of woodcut.

He created portraits of T. Zalkaln (1918), V.I. Lenin (1924), K. Marx (1933) (woodcut). In 1929-1936 he illustrated the books of the publishing house «Academia», «The Odyssey» by Homer (published in 1935). He lived in Tuchkov Lane, d.11.

He died of starvation during the siege of Leningrad. He was buried in the mass grave of professors of the Academy of Arts in the Smolensk cemetery. Works are stored including in the Krasnoyarsk State Art Museum. V.I. Surikova.


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