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Sigorsky Vasily Nikolaevich

Sigorsky Vasily Nikolaevich (03.19.1902 - 09.23.1978) - graphic artist, painter, member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Vasily Nikolaevich Sigorsky was born in Chita, but from the beginning of the 1910s he lived in Vologda. From childhood he was friends with Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov. And Sigorsky carried this friendship through his whole life. Sigorsky studied in the private studio of E.N. Volkova. Graduated from the Higher Art Technical Institute in Moscow, trained in the workshop of Robert Falk. After graduation, he worked in the printing industry and collaborated with many publishing houses of that time. In 1972, he visited the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, creating a series of graphic works about Northern Magnitogorsk.

In his creative baggage - cycles of works «On the land of the Vologda», «Through the old Russian cities», «Moscow», which reflected urban and rural landscapes, everyday scenes, the theme of the development of urban manufactory, themes of work and recreation of people. «For many years I have devoted to the search for the specifics inherent in color easel graphics, and it seems that all the work of a graphic artist, his attitude to color should be based on completely different principles than painting», the author once said about his work. The works perfectly trace the features of the era and time of collectivization and NEP (New Economic Policy). Vivid images of that time hold the attention of any person.

The funds of the Vologda State Museum-Reserve contain about two hundred works of the artist, most of which are original graphics. There are also author's lithographs and a series of sketches made in oil. The works were transferred to the museum by the widow of Vasily Sigorsky in 1980.


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