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Sinilov Evgeny Grigoryevich

Evgeny G. Sinilov (1933-2002) - graphic artist. Evgeny Grigoryevich grew up in a family that had a long artistic tradition and had a love of drawing since childhood. However, after graduation, he entered the naval school. Sinilov served in the Baltic states, in Leningrad, and in his free time he still enthusiastically painted, now illustrations for books he had read. Already in adulthood, he entered the faculty of decoration of printed materials of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. In various book editions of the Soviet Union, books were issued, designed and illustrated by Sinilov's engravings (more than 80 publications in total). Exhibitions E.G. Sinilov took place in Russia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Finland, England.


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