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Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna

Tatyana Vasilievna Solovyova-Domashenko, also known as Tatyana So-Do (born November 24, 1945, Frunze) is a Soviet and Russian artist, graphic artist, illustrator, publicist, gallery owner, philosopher, writer. Tatyana Vasilievna was born on November 24, 1945 in the city of Frunze of the Kyrgyz SSR. In 1950, the family moved to his father’s homeland in the city of Leningrad. In 1964, Tatyana Solovyova graduated from the painting and teaching department of the Art College. V. Serov and enters the graphic department of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Repin, who graduated in 1970. In the fourth year, two watercolors by Tatyana So-Do were taken to the Museum of the Academy of Arts, one of them is still in the museum’s permanent exhibition. Watercolors taken in the methodological fund participated in academic exhibitions abroad.

Tatyana Solovyova illustrated about forty children's books in the publishing houses «Kid», «Children's Literature» (Moscow, Leningrad), «Yunatstva» (Minsk), constantly worked in print techniques and unique graphics in the Combine of Graphic Arts. The first children's book with illustrations by Solovyova went out of print in 1969. Since 1968, she constantly participated in Leningrad, All-Russian and All-Union exhibitions. Later she began to give preference to solo exhibitions.

In 1975, Tatyana Solovyova-Domashenko joined the Union of Artists of the USSR. Since 1985, to his surname he adds the surname of her husband, the artist Nikolay Domashenko. Since 1995, Tatyana Solovyova-Domashenko is a member of the International Association of Art Critics.

By 2006, of the 20 personal exhibitions, the most significant for the author were exhibitions in the Union of Artists, an exhibition of graphics in the Cultural Center of Gothenburg (in 1981 as part of the Leningrad Culture Days in Gothenburg), a retrospective exhibition in 1998-1999 at the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg in five rooms of the mansion of N. P. Rumyantsev, where more than 200 works were shown. Personal exhibitions were covered in the press, on television, at the Mayak radio station. Especially a lot of television broadcasts, reflecting the work of Tatyana Solovyova, fell on the late 1970s - early 1980s. In the 1990s, three stories (one of them for 20 minutes) about the work of Tatyana Solovyova-Domashenko took place in the popular St. Petersburg program «Sunday Marathon». In 2000, a television movie from the series «Treasures of St. Petersburg» was devoted to her work; in the same year, the book’s graphic schedule was described in the television program «Little on Little».

In 2003, her personal exhibition «Charming Petersburgers» dedicated to the city’s anniversary was covered on several television channels and in the press.

The works of Tatyana Solovyova-Domashenko were bought from exhibitions by the Ministry of Culture, the Art Fund, and the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg. They are in the museums of the Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg, the Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, the Museum of Anna Akhmatova, the museums of Novosibirsk, Veliky Novgorod, Irkutsk and other art museums in Russia and the CIS, in private collections in Sweden, France, Norway, Finland, the USA, the museum Vatican and other countries.

Gallery of patterns
lot 14. «Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs», Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna.

lot 14. «Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs»

Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna

Аукцион гравюр «Сказки»

color lithography, 36.5x44 cm, 1980s

Start price: 3 000 

lot 15. «Alice in Wonderland», Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna.

lot 15. «Alice in Wonderland»

Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna

Аукцион гравюр «Сказки»

color lithography, 51x42 cm, 1980s

Start price: 3 500 

lot 26. «Chrysanthemums», Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna.

lot 26. «Chrysanthemums»

Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna

Аукцион № 10

color author's lithograph, 47x36.5 cm, sheet: 60x47 cm, 1980s

Start price: 2 500 

It is sold for: 5 500 
«Walk», Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna.

lot 216. «Walk»

Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna

Аукцион № 13

color author's lithograph, 36.5x45 cm, sheet: 46x55 cm, 1987

Start price: 5 000 

It is sold for: 3 500 
«Pioneer Spring», Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna.

lot 213. «Pioneer Spring»

Solovyova-Domashenko Tatyana Vasilyevna

Аукцион № 14

color author's lithograph, 38x47.5 cm, sheet: 47x57.5 cm, 1984

Start price: 3 500