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Ter-Markaryan Vera Ilyinichna

Ter-Markaryan Vera Ilinichna (1921-1996) - graphic artist, Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Vera Ilyinichna was born on February 22, 1921. In 1959 she graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. She worked in the field of graphics and painting. Participant of all-Union, republican, Moscow exhibitions. Ter-Markaryan cannot be called an artist of one theme! But there are characteristic features in her artistic vision, approach to the material, in the very manner of writing - journalism, passion, a desire to convey to the viewer the sharpness of her perception.

«I want,» says Vera Ilyinichna, «to show people not only the beauty of the world around us, but also its contradictions, to tune them into goodness.» And it is not by chance among the many topics. exciting the artist, a great place is occupied by the themes of childhood, the activity of women in the struggle for peace. Love and responsibility. These feelings guide her in her creativity and everyday life. V.P. Ter-Markaryan has long and actively cooperated with the Committee of Soviet Women, for many years he has been a member of the Commission for Assistance to the Soviet Peace Fund of the Moscow Organization of Soviet Artists of the RSFSR. She brought sixty graphic sheets from the World Voyage across the Baltic. These works were shown with great success first at the Moscow Peace Committee. Vera Ilyinichna then drove to a distant tundra. The artist talked with reindeer herders and miners of Pita in the Komi Republic about how important it is for people of all countries to unite in order to save the world from the horrors of war.

But sometimes the artist comes to such moments when she completely goes into the power of poetry, fantasy, feeling. And then the paintings «Cyclamens» or «Memories», «Dream», «Allegory» are born, which you can admire and immerse yourself in for a long time, as you immerse yourself in music ... At first Ter-Markaryan was carried away by the pictorial techniques of Kiprensky and Bryullov. Then she liked the graphics with its limitless plastic possibilities. But she especially loves to work in mixed media: panda, tempera, watercolor, and the obligatory «black line» - adds Vera Ilyinichna. She loves the words of Picasso: you have to live a very long time to live to adolescence.

Vera Ilyinichna Ter-Markaryan is an artist of a surprisingly young, open-minded life, taking her worries to heart. An artist whose beauty and goodness, love and responsibility are calling again and again on the road. P. Sklyar.

Vera Ilinichna Ter-Markaryan died on March 16, 1996.

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lot 105. «Landscape», Ter-Markaryan Vera Ilyinichna.

lot 105. «Landscape»

Ter-Markaryan Vera Ilyinichna

Аукцион № 9

color linocut, 28.5x41.5 cm, sheet: 40.5x52 cm, 1970s

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