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Teterin Victor Kuzmich

Teterin Victor Kuzmich born in 1922 in the village of Bakharevo, Tver province, into a family of peasants. Since 1930 he lived with his parents in Leningrad. Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts named after I. E. Repin in 1949, workshop of A. A. Osmerkin. Studied with S. L. Abugov, G. V. Pavlovsky, G. A. Savinov. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1953.

He painted genre compositions, portraits, landscapes, still lifes. He worked in the technique of oil painting, watercolors, pastels. He paid special attention to color, rhythmic organization of the canvas, transmission of the light-air environment. Taught at the V. I. Mukhina Leningrad Higher Art School (1949-1956). Exhibitions of Teterin's works were held in Leningrad-Petersburg in 1966, 1988 and 1999. He took part in the famous exhibitions «Eleven» (1972) and «Nine» (1976) by Leningrad artists, as well as exhibitions by 26 Leningrad and Moscow artists (1989).

His works are in the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, in museums and private collections in Russia, as well as in France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and other countries.

Victor Teterin died in 1991 in Leningrad.

Gallery of patterns
Moyka River, Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

Moyka River

Teterin Victor Kuzmich


canvas/oil, 82x108 cm, 1972


Landscape, Teterin Victor Kuzmich.


Teterin Victor Kuzmich


canvas/oil, 85x52 cm, 1964


lot 44. «House with a balcony», Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

lot 44. «House with a balcony»

Teterin Victor Kuzmich


watercolor on paper, 60x50.5 cm, 1966


Rosehip bouquet, Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

Rosehip bouquet

Teterin Victor Kuzmich


oil on canvas, 84x99 cm, 1960


It is sold for: 85 000 
lot 45. «St. George's Cathedral in Old Ladoga», Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

lot 45. «St. George's Cathedral in Old Ladoga»

Teterin Victor Kuzmich

Аукцион № 9

paper, watercolor, 65.5x50 cm, 1965

Start price: 85 000 

lot 181. «Tennis», Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

lot 181. «Tennis»

Teterin Victor Kuzmich

Аукцион № 12

oil on canvas, 51x87.5 cm, 1962

Start price: 90 000 

«In Crimea», Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

lot 79. «In Crimea»

Teterin Victor Kuzmich

Аукцион № 18

canvas/oil, 65x98 cm, 1981

Start price: 300 000 

lot 3. «Flowers under a tree», Teterin Victor Kuzmich.

lot 60. lot 3. «Flowers under a tree»

Teterin Victor Kuzmich

Аукцион № 21

canvas/oil, 99x85 cm, 1980

Start price: 250 000