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Veselova Nina Leonidovna

Veselova Nina Leonidovna (on January 18, 1922, Petrograd, RSFSR — on March 3, 1960, Leningrad, the USSR) — the Soviet artist, the painter, the candidate of art criticism, the member of the Leningrad organization of the Union of artists of RSFSR.

Veselov Nina Leonidovna was born on January 6, 1922 in Petrograd. The father Leonid Georgiyevich Veselov (1883 — 1942) worked as the accountant, mother Anastasia Ivanovna (1892 —?) I was engaged in a household. In 1934 after participation in a competition of young talents of Veselov has been admitted to High art school at the All-Russian Academy of Arts from which I have graduated in 1941. In the same 1941 has been accepted on the first course of picturesque faculty of the Leningrad institute of painting, a sculpture and architecture.

In the years of war and blockade Nina Veselova together with parents remained in Leningrad, worked at the plant, the kindergarten teacher, at logging. In 1943 — 1944 I was engaged in the Taurian art school which has resumed work.

After return on July 18, 1944 from evacuation of the Leningrad institute of painting, a sculpture and Veselov's architecture resumes study at faculty of painting. I was engaged at Boris Vogel, Leonid Ovsyannikov, Semyon Abugov, Heinrich Pavlovsky, Alexander Zaytsev. In 1946 I have married the classmate Alexander Pushnin.

In 1950 Veselova has graduated from institute on Boris Ioganson's workshop with assignment of qualification of the artist of painting. The thesis — the picture «Teacher's Congratulation on an Award» (in later sources other name meets: «The awarded teacher»), shown the same year at the All-Union art exhibition in Moscow.

After the termination of institute in 1950 — 1954 Nina Veselova was engaged in a postgraduate study at a creative workshop of the national artist of the USSR of professor Alexander Gerasimov. Candidate of art criticism (1954, picture «There Is Examination»). In 1950 has been accepted in members of the Leningrad Union of artists.

For the first time Veselova participated in an exhibition in 1939. Since 1950 she the permanent participant of city, republican and all-Union exhibitions, exhibits the works together with works by the leading masters of the fine arts of Leningrad. I painted portrait, genre and thematic compositions, landscapes, still lifes. Talented portrait-painter and risovalshchitsa. I was drawn towards a portrait picture genre with the developed subject basis. The picturesque manner is distinguished by soft plasticity of the drawing, reserved plane and decorative color, refinement of the voice-frequency relations. Among the works created by Veselova for incomplete ten years of short creative life, picture «In the water-wheel shop of the plant of a name I. V. Stalin» (the name meets later: «Collecting the turbine for the Tsimlyansk hydroelectric power station») (in co-authorship, 1951), «Is appointed the penalty area» (1952), «A portrait of the participant of revolution of 1905 P.P. Alexandrov» (1955), «Before the third beep», «A portrait of the best milkmaid of collective farm E.V. Rusova's Guardsman», «The Lilac. Still life» (all 1957), «Flowers. Still life» (1958), «Portrait of the chairman of collective farm «Guardsman» M.G. Dolgov», «Driver's spring», «Red and white flowers. A still life», «For whom the truth? 1917», «Asters» (all 1959), «A holiday in Voronovo (Chuvashia)» (1960) and others. Some of them became original classics of the Soviet painting, having passed test time.

Nina Leonidovna Veselova has died on March 3, 1960 in Leningrad on the thirty ninth year of life. Her works are in the State Russian Museum, the State Tretyakov gallery, in the museums and private collections in Russia, Japan, the USA, France, the People's Republic of China, Germany, Italy and other countries.