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Eilenkry Yusa Isaakovna

Eilenkry Yusya (Haya-Rachel) Isaakovna (1915 - 1991, St. Petersburg) - an applied man, architect, graphic artist. She studied at the All-Russian Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Architecture. Received in 1934, and received a diploma in graduation from the institute in 1940. Thesis - "Industrial Plant of Architectural Details for the artistic decoration of buildings." Head professor L.V. Rudnev. Received the qualifications of an architect-artist. How the schedule worked in the technique of author lithography. Member of the Leningrad Union of Soviet Artists since 1956.



lot 96. «Peter and Paul Fortress», Eilenkry Yusa Isaakovna
lot 96. «Peter and Paul Fortress»

Eilenkry Yusa Isaakovna

color lithography, 32x45.5 cm, sheet: 48x60 cm