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Bantikov Andrey Sergeevich

Bantikov Andrey Sergeevich Russian Soviet painter, graphic artist, member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. Master of still life and landscape painting. Born in 1914 in the village of Kovrigino, now in the Moscow Region. Since 1926, he studied at the art studio in Pavlovsky Posad. In 1940 he graduated from LIZSA them. I.E. Repin in the workshop of B.V. Johanson. The diploms work «Taking the Winter Palace» (1946) is in the museum of the Academy of Arts.

Participant of exhibitions since 1939. He worked in the battle genre (many works are devoted to the years of the Great Patriotic War, naval themes), in the genre of landscape and portrait. Since 1952 - an artist at the Grekova studio. In 1958-1963 took part in the execution of the panorama «The rout of Nazi troops on the Volga». In 1948-1951 he taught at the Leningrad Higher Industrial Art School. The works of A. S. Bantikov are in the State Russian Museum, the Central Naval Museum, in the Museum of the History of Leningrad.


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