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Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich

Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich (1911-1992) - russian, soviet artist. The main themes of creativity: city landscape, still life, genre compositions.

Since 1927 he was engaged in painting and drawing in the studio of AHRR with A.R. Eberling, in 1930 he entered preparatory courses at the Academy of Arts, and then at the Institute of Proletarian Fine Art (since 1932 - the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture). During these years, the transformation of the institute begins, the creation of new (or rather the repetition of the old) pedagogical programs, the system of art education is being built. Professors D. N. Kardovsky, A. A. Osmerkin, S. L. Abugov, E. E. Lansere, N. E. Radlov, P. A. Shillingovsky, I. I. Brodsky, who did much later for the formation of the Leningrad school of painting. During these years, a system of creative workshops appeared at the faculty of painting. A.N. Semenov was lucky to study in the workshop of D.N. Kardovsky.

In 1937, Semenov fell ill and was forced to interrupt his studies. After his recovery, he receives a certificate «about the completion of 5 courses of the faculty of painting without completing a thesis» and was sent as a teacher to the Penza Art School. In 1938, Semenov was accepted into the Penza organization of Soviet artists. Since 1939 - military service in the Far East, Mongolia, participation in the Great Patriotic War. In 1944, he was demobilized due to injury.

From 1944 to 1947, Semyonov taught at the Secondary Art School at the V.I. Surikov Moscow Art Institute. In the fall of 1947 he returned to Leningrad, where he has been teaching at the Department of Painting at the V.I. Mukhina Higher Art and Industrial School for more than 40 years. The main topics that A. Semenov begins to work on are identified: Leningrad motifs and landscapes of ancient Russian cities, the Baltic States and Crimea will dominate his work throughout his life. In the 70s, the artist turned to the genre of still life, using the techniques found in the landscapes of the 1950s - 1960s: subtle and generalized color solutions, great decorativeness based on the active use of local color and constructive drawing. The artist died in 1992, and in 2006 a personal exhibition was held at the Museum of A. Akhmatova, dedicated to his 95th birthday and the release of a monograph on the work of a remarkable artist and teacher.

Arseny Semenov's works are in art museums and private collections in Russia, France, Italy, the USA, Finland and other countries.


Past auctions

lot 35. «Komarovo», Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich
lot 35. «Komarovo»

Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich

canvas / oil, 44x90 cm, 1970s

55 000 ₽

lot 36. «Prague», Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich
lot 36. «Prague»

Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich

canvas / oil, 60x47 cm, 1960

60 000 ₽

«Izborsk», Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich

Semenov Arseniy Nikiforovich

oil on canvas, 68x48 cm, 1962