lot 61. «The Bridge». Nikiforov Nikolay Grigorievich

lot 61. «The Bridge»

Etching with watercolor, 20.5x14 см, 1949. On the back, the seal of the collector P.E. Kornilov.

Start price: 2 500 
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lot 1. «Theater, Monna Lisa. Ballet», Bobyshov Mikhail Pavlovich.

lot 1. «Theater, Monna Lisa. Ballet»

Bobyshov Mikhail Pavlovich

paper, ink, watercolor, 36x22 cm, 1926

Price: 30 000 

lot 2. «A woman in a hat», Latash Alexandra Natanovna.

lot 2. «A woman in a hat»

Latash Alexandra Natanovna

lithograph, 33x26 cm, 1948

Price: 4 000 

lot 3. «Port, Leningrad», Kaplun Adrian Vladimirovich.

lot 3. «Port, Leningrad»

Kaplun Adrian Vladimirovich

lithograph, 52x60 cm, 1936

Price: 7 000 

lot 4. «Rostov the Great, reserve. Boris and Gleb», Kaplun Adrian Vladimirovich.

lot 4. «Rostov the Great, reserve. Boris and Gleb»

Kaplun Adrian Vladimirovich

lithograph, 1958

Price: 5 000