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Alekseev Viktor Ivanovich

Viktor Ivanovich Alekseev (February 9, 1937, Leningrad - September 5, 2015, St. Petersburg) - Soviet and Russian monumental artist, member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

Viktor Ivanovich was born in 1937 in the city of Leningrad. In 1967 he graduated from the Leningrad Higher Industrial Art School named after V.I. Mukhina. Since 1970, he participated in annual exhibitions in the St. Petersburg Union of Artists and in the Manege. Favorite place of rest, and residence, was the village of Shilovo, Novgorod region. The vast majority of landscapes are dedicated to local beauties. The artist’s parents bought a house here in 1969. Since then, communication with the village has not ceased. Alekseev V.I. loved to meet the sunrises, doing fishing. After he worked for hours in his workshop.


  • 1968 - the design of the wedding palace of the Moscow region of Leningrad. Gypsum painting. Theme is «Music of life».
  • 1968 - the competition «Concrete Sun» in the village of Repino on the Primorsky highway.
  • 1968 - decoration of the holiday house «Petrel» in Leningrad.
  • 1973 - registration of the sailors' club «Parade of ships on the Neva» in Leningrad-city.
  • 1975 - the design of the Palace of Culture in Tomsk. Woodcarving «Siberia».
  • 1973 - decoration of the Shipbuilding Professional Lyceum No. 25 in Leningrad, wood carvings «Sea Battles» and «First Shipyard» in the hall of the Lyceum.
  • 1978 - painting in the city of Pikalyovo «Meeting of winter and spring».
  • 1982 - design of the Kola NPP. Wood carving «North».
  • 1982 - mosaic panel (100 m²) in the city of Rzhev. «Victory».
  • 1985 - registration of the Shipbuilding Professional Lyceum No. 25 of Leningrad. Mosaic «Ships». The building is located near the tram bridge, metro Avtovo.
  • 1995 - decoration of the church of Peter and Paul in Pargolov. Refectory mural and icons.

Since 1995, Viktor Ivanovich began to work more and more in oil. Paintings are in private collections in England, Germany, America, Hungary, Finland and other countries, as well as in private collections in Russia.

Some of the works are displayed in the museum «Anna Akhmatova. Silver Age» - a portrait of A. A. Akhmatova, landscapes of parks and others. The portrait of V. Vysotsky is in the museum of V. Vysotsky in Moscow.


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