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Burgunker Eugene Osipovich

Burgunker Evgeny Osipovich (April 13 (26), 1906, Nikolaev - January 2, 1966, Moscow) - Soviet graphic artist, painter. He took painting and drawing lessons from N. S. Samokish in Yevpatoriya (1921–1923). He studied at Vhutemas-Vkhutein in Moscow (1924–1930), at the graphic department, with L. A. Bruni, P. Ya. Pavlinov, V. A. Favorsky, N. N. Kupreyanov, A. I. Kravchenko. He lived in Moscow. He was engaged in easel, book graphics, bookplate. He worked a lot in the technique of woodcut. He designed books for Goslitizdat, Academia publishing houses, Soviet Writer, Art, Detgiz and others. In the 1940s, he worked as the art editor of the Young Guard Publishing House.

He made illustrations for books: «Poems» by P. G. Antokolsky (1935), «Comedies» by S. Akhundov (1936), «Crime of Sylvester Bonnard» by A. France (1939), «Ordinary People» by A. I. Nedogonov (1949 ), «Favorites» M. Eminescu (1951), «Song of Hiawatha» G.-U. Longfellow (1955; 1st prize at the All-Union Competition «Best Books of 1960»), «Plays» by B. Brecht (1956), «German Folk Ballads» (1959; bronze medal at the international book exhibition in Leipzig 1959), «Poems and poems» by E. G. Bagritsky (1960), «Tales for Reading and Presentation» by S. Ya. Marshak (1962), «Lyrics» by G. Heine (1963), «One Hundred Songs» P.J. Beranger (1966) and others.

He traveled a lot around the country; He visited the Azov region, Central Asia, the Baltic states, Crimea, the Caucasus, many ancient Russian cities. Often traveled to sketches in the suburbs. He created a series of easel drawings «Landscapes of Suzdal» (1956), «Fishermen of Yeisk» (1958), «Landscapes of Latvia» (1963).

Since 1934 - participant of exhibitions. He exhibited his works at exhibitions: an exhibition-review of works by young artists (1936), Soviet illustrations for fiction over five years. 1931–1936 (1936), artists of the book (1951, 1953, 1957), All-Union art exhibitions (1951, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1959), engraving and etching (1957), exhibition for the 1st All-Union Congress of Soviet Artists (1957 ), woodcuts of the 15th – 20th centuries (1962), «Soviet Russia» (1965) in Moscow and others. He participated in foreign exhibitions in Denmark (1934), Bulgaria, Sweden, Poland, England, USA (all - 1950-60s). Creativity is represented in major museum collections, including the Pushkin Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum and others.


Past auctions

lot 33. «Suzdal», Burgunker Eugene Osipovich
lot 33. «Suzdal»

Burgunker Eugene Osipovich

pencil on paper, 28x32 cm, 1958

4 000 ₽

lot 199. «Crimean landscape», Burgunker Eugene Osipovich
lot 199. «Crimean landscape»

Burgunker Eugene Osipovich

oil on cardboard, 18.5x29 cm, 1930s

6 000 ₽