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Buzulukov Sergey Aleksandrovich

Buzulukov Sergey Aleksandrovich (on May 9, 1925, Saratov — 1978, Leningrad) — the Soviet painter, the member of the Leningrad Union of artists. 

I was born on May 9, 1925 in Saratov. I studied in 1941-1947 in the Saratov art school, in 1947-1953 in LIZhSA of I.E. Repin. I was engaged at Pyotr Belousov, Ivan Stepashkin, Alexander Zaytsev. I have graduated from institute on Boris Ioganson's workshop with assignment of qualification of the artist of painting. The thesis — the picture «V.V. Mayakovsky's Performance at the Plant».

Participant of the Great Patriotic War. I battled on the 1st Belarusian front. Second lieutenant. I was seriously injured. I participated in exhibitions since 1951. I painted portrait, landscapes, thematic compositions. Among the created works there are pictures «Pugachyov in Saratov» (1951), «Spring on Volga» (1954), «A portrait of the artist I.N. Shcheglov» (1956), «V.V. Mayakovsky», «Smolny - the headquarters of October» (both 1957), «Cement works «Bolshevik»», «boi Otgremyat» (both 1960), «To peaceful work» (1961), «V.V. Mayakovsky's Portrait» (1962), «Leningrad. 1941» (1964), «Rebels», «Cement works in Volsk» (1960th) and others.

I have died in 1978 in Leningrad. Works are in the museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.



«Female portrait», Buzulukov Sergey Aleksandrovich
«Female portrait»

Buzulukov Sergey Aleksandrovich

canvas/oil, 84х105 cm.