Dyakova Nina Vasilievna

Dyakova Nina Vasilievna

Dyakova Nina Vasilievna was born in a family of artists in 1948 in Leningrad. In 1968 she graduated from the Secondary Art School. Johanson at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I.E. Repin (Academy of Arts). Having then entered the named institute, after graduating in 1974, she received a diploma with excellent marks on completed higher art education at the faculty of graphics.

Since 1972, he has taken part in more than 200 collective exhibitions in Russian cities and abroad. 28 personal exhibitions in Russia, Mexico, Germany, Costa Rica, which is accompanied by many well-deserved diplomas.
Her works are in the collections of the Research Museum of the Academy of Arts and the Museum of the History of the City in St. Petersburg, in the State Museum-Reserve Peterhof, in the collection of the Ministry of Culture of Russia in Moscow in the art gallery named after K.A.Savitsky in Penza (Russia). In Mexico - at the National Museum of Mexican Watercolors, in the collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Regional Museum of Watercolors in the city of Toluca, as well as in other museums in Russia and Latin America; in galleries and private collections in Russia, Mexico, Germany, the United States of America, Canada, Costa Rica.

Since 1979, a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists of Russia, since 1993 - a member of the Union of Artists of Mexico and the International Association of Unesco Artists, the founder and first chairman of the board, vice chairman of the Society of watercolorists of St. Petersburg.

Gallery of patterns
It is sold for: 3 000 
lot 78. «St. Petersburg», Dyakova Nina Vasilievna.

lot 78. «St. Petersburg»

Dyakova Nina Vasilievna

Аукцион № 7

color lithography, 28x38 cm, sheet: 42x50 cm

Start price: 3 000 

lot 9. «Lion and the Griffin», Dyakova Nina Vasilievna.

lot 9. «Lion and the Griffin»

Dyakova Nina Vasilievna

Аукцион гравюр «Сказки»

color lithography, 40.5x31 cm, 1980s

Start price: 2 000 

lot 33. «Sketch for the lithograph «Jazz»», Dyakova Nina Vasilievna.

lot 33. «Sketch for the lithograph «Jazz»»

Dyakova Nina Vasilievna

Аукцион № 11

paper, mixed technique, 27x22.5 cm, 1992

Start price: 1 500 

«Lipetsk», Dyakova Nina Vasilievna.

lot 167. «Lipetsk»

Dyakova Nina Vasilievna

Аукцион № 15

color author's lithograph, 23х34 cm, sheet: 44.5х53 cm, 1984

Start price: 3 500 

«Lukoshko», Dyakova Nina Vasilievna.

lot 265. «Lukoshko»

Dyakova Nina Vasilievna

Аукцион № 18

paper, author lithography, 41x48 cm, leaf: 51.5x58 cm, 1970s

Start price: 5 000