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Deyneko Olga Konstantinovna

Deineko (Daineko) Olga Konstantinovna (1897–1970) - Soviet graphic artist, illustrator. She worked a lot in watercolors, designed and illustrated children's books. Member of the USSR Union of Artists. She was born and raised in Ukraine in the Chernigov region. For three years she studied art at the School of Baron Stieglitz (1916-1918), 4 years - at the Higher Artistic and Technical Workshops under N. N. Kupreyanov, I. I. Mashkov, V. A. Favorsky (1919-1923). She was a member of the Association of Workers of the Revolutionary Poster (1931-1932). She was engaged in mass propaganda art, in particular the political poster: «Woman, to the steam locomotive!» (1939). Participant of exhibitions since 1932. She made sketches of folk ornaments, costumes and objects of peasant life in the Kursk and Oryol provinces.

Author of many children's books and illustrations for them; Together with her husband N.S. Troshin, she produced a number of children's lithographed production books: «How Beets Became Sugar» (1927), «How Cotton Became Chintz» (1929), «From Rubber to Galoshes» (1930), «Mechanized bakery No. 3» (1930), A Thousand Dresses a Day (1931). These lithographic books, designed by artists, have undoubtedly become classics. From 1932 she worked mainly in watercolor, sometimes in gouache; painted portraits, still lifes, created series on pioneer themes. Participated in the exhibition and poster competition «Ten years without Lenin on the Leninist path» (1933). In 1943, a joint exhibition of O. Deineko and N. Troshin took place in Moscow. In 1946 - a personal exhibition of the artist. The artist's graphic works are in the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, the State Tretyakov Gallery and other museums. Books and posters by O. K. Deineko are in the Russian State Library, many regional museums, private Russian and foreign collections.


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