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Dumarevskaya Cleopatra Nikolaevna

Dumarevskaya Cleopatra Nikolaevna (1906 - 1976) - Soviet graphic artist. Born in the town of Slobodsky, she graduated from high school in the city of Kotelnich. She studied at the Art and Industrial College in the city of Vyatka (Kirov Art College). All-Russian Academy of Arts 1926 - 1930. In the 1930s, illustrated children's magazines, books («Siskin» and «Hedgehog»). During the war, she participated in the salvation of the Hermitage collection, and in the post-war period in the restoration of monuments in Pavlovsk and Kiev. All her works are made in the style of lithography. She gave preference to color lithography, but there are also monochrome works. All paintings are not made up. Realism in all its manifestations. She painted what she saw from nature. I studied for 20 years with Demidov, painted the Petrograd side, the historical center with its magnificent architecture, made monochrome lithographs «Portrait of a mother», «Portrait of a niece», «Male portrait» ... And color lithography is a journey through ancient Russian cities. The works are in the house-museum of N.N. Khokhryakov. In 1970, Cleopatra Dumarevskaya donated about 50 of her works to the sixtieth anniversary of the Vasnetsov Museum. One of the donated works was a self-portrait of the artist.


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