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Zhigalov Yuri Vladimirovich

Zhigalov Yuri Vladimirovich (1936-2000) - graphic artist, Member of the Union of Architects of the USSR, Member of the International Federation of UNESCO Artists. Yuri Vladimirovich was born on April 9, 1936 in Moscow. He spent his childhood on the northern outskirts of the capital. He began to learn to draw very early and later could say that «he was lucky to have teachers». Studied at the art studio with Sergei Nikolaevich Sokolov (student of K.A.Korovin) and with Nikolai Vasilievich Sinitsyn (student of K.A.Ostroumova-Lebedeva). Painting and graphics with S.N. Sokolov, trips to sketches, reading books about artists - everything brought up the soul of the future landscape painter, honed his technique, taught him to peer into the mystery of nature, endlessly wonder at its eternal beauty. It so happened that at that time a lot of talented drawing children gathered in Sokolniki, from which wonderful artists later grew. Together with Tolik Zverev (future tashist, absurdist, Mozart of Soviet art) Zhigalov went to the zoo to draw animals and birds. This hobby remained with him for the rest of his life.

As time went on, Yuri entered and graduated from the Architectural Institute, became a successful architect. His work on the design of the House of Artists on Kuznetsky Most, cinemas, kindergartens, schools were heard. In the 60s, the era of design of a typical block housing began, according to the formula - «stick-beam». Zhigalov was repelled by such principles of Soviet architecture, plunged into despondency. Yuri Zhigalov first of all proved to himself that painting is his true vocation. He has designed many books, exhibited, and held personal exhibitions. Since 1951 he has participated in various art exhibitions. He has designed over 200 books. In 1959 he graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute. Since 1962, a member of the Union of Architects of the USSR. And as a result, Zhigalov was recognized as an artist. But, how hard it was, the decision was given to him ... Since 1974 he is a member of the International Federation of UNESCO Artists. In 1980, a personal exhibition took place in Polenov. And Yuri Vladimirovich was also lucky for good people. The sculptor-patriarch S. T. Konenkov also spoke warmly about him. A significant place in the life of Yu. V. Zhigalov was occupied by the famous Soviet poet M.V. Isakovsky (1900-1973). A shelter, a monastery where mental wounds were healed, was found by Yuri Zhigalov in Polenov. He found himself still in the estate of the artist's grandson, with whom he had leisurely conversations for more than one hour. In the 60s, the Polenovo estate-museum became one of the few truly cultural centers where jack of all trades were drawn. For several years the poet Valentin Berestov and his wife Tatyana Alexandrova rented a bathhouse in Polenovo. There is a hypothesis that under the shelf of the Polenovskaya bathhouse Kuzka, the hero of a famous fairy tale, was seen. Hundreds of sketches were born by the artist in the local area. It's just that nature became for him a life-giving source, to which he constantly clung in search of strength and inspiration. In addition, he was not a sedentary foreman, but constantly moved from place to place, working in any weather. An amazing lyricist-painter, in love with art, working until he lost consciousness, a courageous person capable of action.

Later, the artist's works were shown at the exhibition «Days of the RSFSR in Greece». Yuri Vladimirovich does not illustrate Turgenev in his landscapes, he simply admires the same places, the same beauty that inspired Turgenev. «Work on the landscape of these places», Zhigalov said, «can never stop». It will be enough for many, many generations, because everyone will find their own here, reveal «their own face». In the paintings of Yu.V. Zhigalov, there is no cold shine of photographic quality. In them one can hear the artist's rich emotional experience, brought up by generations of Russian painters. A chaste love for nature lives in his landscapes. A faithful eye, a firm hand, good taste, excellent school - all this is inherent in the works of Yuri Vladimirovich Zhigalov. He died on July 15, 2000.


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