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Kaminsky Leonid Davidovich

Kaminsky Leonid Davidovich (1931 - 2005) - Soviet graphic artist, writer. Born on April 27, 1931 in Kalinkovichi, Gomel region. Graduated from the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute in 1954 and the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1966. Specialty - graphic artist. Thesis - a book of humorous drawings «On the big and the little ones». Member of the creative unions of St. Petersburg: writers, artists, journalists, theatrical figures. The main direction in creativity for children is humorous works of preschool and primary school age. Genres: stories, fairy tales, poems, drawings. He was engaged in collecting and publishing school humorous folklore, performs on stage and in schools with a humorous program.

From 1981 to 1992 - performer of the role of the Teacher of Laughter in the author's variety show for children «The Lesson of Laughter» at the Leningrad Theater «Experiment». Since 1979 - editor-compiler of the humor department at the Koster magazine. Since 1966 - a regular contributor to the «Funny pictures» magazine (about 100 publications). Collaborated with children's magazines: «Iskorka», «Murzilka», «Misha», «Balamut», «Bus», «Buratino», «Kukumber». One of the founders and chief artist of the magazines «Balamut» and «Bus».

At the international festival of humor «Golden Ostap» in 1998 in the category «Humor for children» he was awarded a diploma and a small statuette «Golden Ostap».

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«You are no longer a tenant!», Kaminsky Leonid Davidovich.

lot 8. «You are no longer a tenant!»

Kaminsky Leonid Davidovich

Аукцион № 23, часть 2

poster, 43x57 cm, 1981

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