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Cleroi Vitaly Glebovich

Vitaly Glebovich Klerua (1954) - painter, graphic artist, Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (1987), Member of the International Art Fund (1993). Vitaly Glebovich Klerua was born on December 13, 1954 in the Moscow region. In 1975 he graduated from the Moscow Art School «In Memory of 1905». Teachers - Bulgakova M.M., Malinkovsky B.N. The author of architectural landscapes and interiors, a keen sense of the historical originality of past eras and the present, who knows how to skillfully use the technique of colored linocut to convey the stylistic features of the depicted object world. Also famous for his works in painting. In 1985 he graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute named after Surikov. Teachers - Ponomarev N.A., Uspensky B.A., Yakushin A.B., Ivanov Yu.V.

The artist works a lot and successfully in easel graphics. Author of several graphic series of architectural landscapes and interiors. 1992 - 1996 - Member of the Bureau of the Graphics Section of the Moscow Regional Union of Soviet Artists. Participant of exhibitions: young artists of the Moscow region (1977), «Physical culture and sports in the fine arts» (1979), I and II zonal exhibitions «Moscow region» (1980, 1984), Soviet Russia (1985), «Artists of the Moscow region - to the Soviet Peace Fund» (1986), «50 years of the Moscow Regional Union of Soviet Artists» (1996), republican exhibitions «The Artist and Time» (1987), «Youth of Russia» (1989), All-Russian art exhibitions «Sergei Radonezhsky and Slavic Culture» (1992), «To Thy Name» (2000), international art exhibitions in Bahrain, Venezuela, USA (1995 - 1996).

Major works: a series of colored linocuts and watercolors «Kuskovo Estate», «Marfino», «Autumn in Grebnevo», «House-Muse of V. I. Lenin in Kostino»; a series of works in the gouache technique «Old Houses of Moscow»; a series of watercolors «Crimean motives».

Works are in the State Museum of Ceramics «Kuskovo Estate of the 18th century», the house-museum of V. I. Lenin in Kostino, the A. Grin Museum (Feodosia), the Museum of Modern History (formerly the Central Museum of V. I. Lenin), the Museum-Apartment of Marina Tsvetaeva in Bolshevo, Norilsk Art Gallery. In recent years, he has been very fruitfully working in the genre of still life, in the technique of oil painting, following the best traditions of the Russian and European classical schools.


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