Matyuh Vera Fedorovna

Matyuh Vera Fedorovna

Matyukh Vera Fyodorovna (1910-2003) was born in Berlin in 1910, where her father, a revolutionary revolutionary student from St. Petersburg, was hiding from the tsarist police. She spent her childhood in Germany with her grandparents on the mother’s side. Her parents tried for a long time to find a suitable place in Europe and almost settled in Paris, but, according to her mother, «she did not marry a Russian to sit in such a stupid city as Paris». Her choice was on Kharkov, at that time the capital of Ukraine, which seemed to her «little Moscow».

From 1926 to 1930 she studied at the Kharkov Art Institute (now the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts) at the Faculty of Graphics (workshop of V. Yermilov).

In 1931 she moved to Leningrad, where she spent her entire creative life. In Leningrad, she collaborated with various publishing houses, illustrated books, worked in magazines Sistema and Hedgehog. She studied under the direction of G. S. Vereisky and E. S. Kruglikova in collaboration with such artists as P. M. Kondratiev, L. A. Yudin, K. I. Rozhdestvensky, B.N. Ermolaev, A.L. Kaplan, A.S. Vedernikov, A.V. Kaplun.

Gallery of patterns
lot 8. «Behind the Scales», Matyuh Vera Fedorovna.

lot 8. «Behind the Scales»

Matyuh Vera Fedorovna

Аукцион № 3

lithograph, 72x55 cm, 1964

Start price: 6 900 

It is sold for: 6 500 
lot 145. «Family», Matyuh Vera Fedorovna.

lot 145. «Family»

Matyuh Vera Fedorovna

Аукцион № 5

lithography, 62x47 cm, 1970s

Start price: 6 000 

«Behind the Scales», Matyuh Vera Fedorovna.

lot 191. «Behind the Scales»

Matyuh Vera Fedorovna

Аукцион № 13

color lithography, 36x48 cm, sheet: 50x73 cm, 1964

Start price: 5 000 

«Craftsmen», Matyuh Vera Fedorovna.

lot 166. «Craftsmen»

Matyuh Vera Fedorovna

Аукцион № 14

color author's lithograph, 43x64 cm, 1972

Start price: 10 000 

«Lithograph V.Matyukh», Matyuh Vera Fedorovna.

lot 110. «Lithograph V.Matyukh»

Matyuh Vera Fedorovna

Аукцион № 22

author lithograph, 55x72 cm

Start price: 3 000