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Nevolina Evgenia Innokentievna

Nevolina Evgenia Innokentievna was born 07. 07. 1909 in the city of Ulan-Ude, died 23. 01. 1994. In 1931 she graduated from the Irkutsk Art School (studied with I.L. Kopylov). She worked in a book publishing house in Ulan-Ude.
Since the 1950s, she began to engage in graphics. Member of the I and II decades of Buryat art and literature (1940, 1959, Moscow).
Since 1933 - a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
Since 1933 - participant of republican, regional, zonal, Russian, all-Union exhibitions, including personal at the Republican Art Museum. C.S. Sampilova (1970.1981, Ulan-Ude).
Author of works: «Girls of Our Republic» (1933), «Family» (1935), «Concert in the hospital» (1945), «New Ulan-Ude» (1951), «Haymaking» (1948), «Ballerina in front of the mirror» (1958), «Portal of the Opera and Ballet Theater» (1958), «Sitting Ballerina» (1958), a series of linocuts «A Tale of a Buryat Woman» (1964), «Learn to Shoot» (1969), «Archer» (1970).

The works are in the Republican Art Museum. C.S. Sampilova.

Gallery of patterns
It is sold for: 6 000 
lot 151. «Ballerina in front of the mirror», Nevolina Evgenia Innokentievna.

lot 151. «Ballerina in front of the mirror»

Nevolina Evgenia Innokentievna

Аукцион № 5

lithograph, 34x28 cm, 1960s

Start price: 6 000 

lot 8. «Young ballerinas», Nevolina Evgenia Innokentievna.

lot 8. «Young ballerinas»

Nevolina Evgenia Innokentievna

Аукцион № 6

linocut, 31x29 cm, 1960

Start price: 2 000