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Popov Vitaly Borisovich

Popov Vitaly Borisovich (born in 1946) - Soviet and Russian artist and journalist, People's Artist of the Russian Federation (2006). Vitaly Borisovich was born on June 13, 1946 in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov Region. He studied in the circle of fine arts of the local House of Pioneers under the direction of Arkady Platitsin. In 1971 he graduated with honors from the Moscow Art and Industry School named after M. I. Kalinin, where his teachers were M. D. Bazanova, I. F. Ryabikin and I. A. Efremov. Since 1968 he worked in the studio of the artist Nikolai Zhukov. In 1977 he graduated from the Faculty of Monumental and Decorative Arts of the Moscow Higher School of Industrial Art, where his teachers were S.M. Rodionova and M.A.Markov.

Collaborated with a number of publishing houses, illustrated about 20 books. In 1978-1983 he worked as an art editor for the weekly Nedelya. In 1983-1986 - the chief artist of the Central Committee of the Komsomol magazine «Student Meridian». In 2000-2002 he taught at the Department of Academic Painting at the Moscow State Art University S.G. Stroganov. Since 2005, Professor of the Department of Painting, Moscow State Regional University.

Member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR (1980) and the Union of Artists of the USSR (1983). Member of the central board of the «USSR - Italy» society, later - the association of cultural and business cooperation with Italy. He took part in many art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are kept in the Krasnoyarsk Regional Art Museum. Surikov, Pyatigorsk Museum-Estate of N. Yaroshenko, Lipetsk Art Gallery, Tambov Art Museum, Michurinsk Museum-Estate named after Gerasimov, Michurinsky Museum of Local Lore, Vatican and Lalit Kala Academy (Delhi).


Past auctions

«Village», Popov Vitaly Borisovich

Popov Vitaly Borisovich

color linocut, 30x40 cm, sheet: 42x50 cm, 1970s


lot 120. «And life goes on», Popov Vitaly Borisovich
lot 120. «And life goes on»

Popov Vitaly Borisovich

color linocut, 22.5x24.5 cm, sheet: 30.5x34 cm, 1970s

1 500 ₽

lot 202. «Northern Autumn», Popov Vitaly Borisovich
lot 202. «Northern Autumn»

Popov Vitaly Borisovich

color linocut, 30x30 cm, sheet: 40x42 cm, 1970s

1 000 ₽

«It's getting dark», Popov Vitaly Borisovich
«It's getting dark»

Popov Vitaly Borisovich

color linocut, 30x40 cm, sheet: 39x51 cm, 1970s

1 500 ₽