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Pravosudovich Tatyana Mikhailovna

Pravosudovich Tatyana Mikhailovna (1897-1963) - Soviet graphic artist; draftsman, lithographer, book illustrator. Tatiana Mikhailovna was born in Vilnius. She studied at the Drawing School of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists under V. I. Shukhaev (1914–1917), at the Higher Artistic and Technical Workshops (1922–1926), renamed the Higher Art and Technical Institute, at the graphic faculty under E. S. Kruglikova. Thesis - the design of the novel by A. N. Tolstoy «Walking through the agony». Participant of exhibitions since 1927. She was a member of the Group of pictorial and plastic realism. In their work, the artists of the group developed the principles of Suprematism, striving for its organic connection with the system of subject image.

From the beginning of the 30s, she moved on to more traditional forms of art. Collaborated with the Leningrad publishing house of the State Publishing House of the RSFSR, illustrated the book «Theater» by D. Kharms (1928). She worked in the Experimental Printing Workshop at the Leningrad branch of the Union of Soviet Artists since 1933; she was engaged in lithography and etching: «At the northern start. Koktebel» (1934).


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