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Proshkin Anatoly Nikolaevich

Proshkin Anatoly Nikolaevich (November 15, 1907, Kharkov, Russian Empire - June 16, 1986, Leningrad, USSR) - Russian Soviet painter, graphic artist, teacher, member of the Leningrad Union of Artists. He was born on November 15, 1907 in Kharkov in a merchant family, who came from the city of Oboyan, Kursk province. He attended a private art school of N. Storozhevsky. After graduating from a real school in 1924, together with his elder brother Viktor, he came to Leningrad and entered the Higher State Art and Technical Workshops at the Faculty of Painting. He studied with K. Petrov-Vodkin, G. Bobrovsky, A. Savinov, A. Karev. He graduated from the institute in 1930 with the title of artist of painting.

Since 1934 he participated in exhibitions. He painted portraits, genre compositions, landscapes. Member of the Leningrad Union of Artists since 1934. During the Great Patriotic War he served in parts of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts. He was awarded the medals «For the Defense of Leningrad», «For Valiant Labor», «For the Victory over Germany».

He taught at the Leningrad Higher Industrial Art School named after V. I. Mukhina.

Proshkin Anatoly Nikolaevich died on June 16, 1986 in Leningrad, in the seventy-ninth year of his life. His works are in the State Russian Museum, in museums and private collections in Russia, France, Great Britain, Italy and other countries.


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