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Savenko Nikolay Ivanovich

Nikolai Ivanovich Savenko (1957, Leningrad) was born into a family of artists: Nikolai's father, Savenko Ivan Grigorievich, is a famous Russian artist whose works are kept in the State Russian Museum and in museums around the world. Nikolai Savenko graduated from the Secondary Art School at the Institute. Repin, and then the institute itself (workshop of B.S.Ugarov). In 1986 he graduated from VF Zagonek's workshop there. Member of the Union of Artists since 1986. In 1991, the first personal exhibition of the author took place in the Union of Artists, and the next one - a year later, in Japan. Over the course of his entire creative activity, more than 10 personal exhibitions have been carried out in Russia and abroad. The artist's works are in private collections around the world.

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lot 62. «Petersburg White Night», Savenko Nikolay Ivanovich.

lot 62. «Petersburg White Night»

Savenko Nikolay Ivanovich

Аукцион № 11

linocut, 34x44 cm, sheet: 44.5x54 cm, 1980s

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