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Semenov Boris Mikhailovich

Semenov Boris Mikhailovich (1927–?) - famous Leningrad graphic artist, engraver. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. Born, lived and worked in Leningrad. During the Great Patriotic War he took part in the partisan movement. He began working in the newspaper «Kaliningradskaya Pravda» in 1947. Since 1961 - in the «Battle Pencil».

He drew posters on various topics of domestic and foreign policy. Semyonov's social posters are aimed at combating the negative manifestations of Soviet reality - parasitism, bureaucracy, alcoholism and hooliganism. Boris Semyonov's posters are kept in the Museum of the History of the City of St. Petersburg, in private Russian collections.

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«Week of Culture», Semenov Boris Mikhailovich.

lot 264. «Week of Culture»

Semenov Boris Mikhailovich

Аукцион № 15

cardboard, watercolor, gouache, 43x57 cm, 1966

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