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Terentyev Vladimir Vasilievich

Terentyev Vladimir Vasilievich (06/29/1932-1985) was born in the city of Noginsk, Moscow region. Nugget. The beginning of his creative work in 1957. He worked in the genres of landscape, thematic painting. Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1964. He was the secretary of the creative group of the Noginsk Art Workshop (1963-1965), the chairman of the painting section of the Moscow Regional Branch of Soviet Artists (1965-1969), a member of the Board of the Union of Artists of Russia (1967-1969), a member of the Art Council ( 1966-1968). Participant of exhibitions: regional art exhibitions (1957-1985), the All-Union exhibition of marine painters (1961), the zonal exhibition «In a single formation» (1964, 1967, 1969, 1971), the regional exhibition «Mine near Moscow» (1968), an exhibition dedicated to 25 anniversary of the defeat of the Germans near Moscow (1966), an exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army (1968), IV republican exhibition «Soviet Russia» (1970). He was awarded a medal for participation in the IV republican exhibition «Soviet Russia». Major works: «Spring», «Ural», «Blue Autumn», «Twilight», «Autumn Morning», «The Road to the West», «First Snow», «Birth of the Red Guard», «There Will be New Houses», «Novorossiysk port», «Shunting beeps», «Holiday of the 50th anniversary of Noginsk», «Fishing vessels», «Moscow region», «Spring in Glukhov».


Past auctions

lot 156. «Rural autumn landscape», Terentyev Vladimir Vasilievich
lot 156. «Rural autumn landscape»

Terentyev Vladimir Vasilievich

oil on canvas, 64x89 cm

33 000 ₽

lot 165. «Khutor», Terentyev Vladimir Vasilievich
lot 165. «Khutor»

Terentyev Vladimir Vasilievich

cardboard, oil, 70x49 cm

70 000 ₽