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Vlasov Boris Vasilievich

Vlasov Boris Vasilievich (March 26, 1936, Leningrad - May 28, 1981, Leningrad) - schedule. The son of artists V. A. Vlasov (1905–1979) and T. A. Shishmareva (1905–1994). He studied at the Leningrad Secondary School of Art (1952-1955), the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I.E. Repina (1955–1961) at the graphic faculty, in high school he studied in the workshop of book graphics of M. A. Taranov. In 1961 he completed his thesis - illustrations and design of the novel «Amber Necklace» by N. F. Pogodin.

He lived in Leningrad. In the 1960s he made creative trips to Central Asia, Siberia, the Volga and the Caspian; in the 1970s he visited Japan and Italy. He worked in the techniques of watercolor, tempera, various techniques of drawing, lithography. Performed portraits, landscapes, genre compositions. Author of graphic series: «Cyclists» (1958–1960), «Day off» (1961), «By the Yenisei» (1966); everything is watercolor, tempera; Sprint (1970), Leningrad Television (1980); both are lithography. He created portraits of his father (1971), artists Yu. A. Vasnetsov (1971), V.I. Kurdov (1976); lithography.

He was engaged in magazine and book graphics. Since 1960 he painted for the magazines «Bonfire», «Neva». He collaborated in the publishing houses «Children's Literature», «Art» and others. He performed illustrations for publications: «Hold on, Guatemala» by R. M. Mikhailov (1957), «Merry Summer» by V. D. Berestov (1958), «Cecilia Valdez, or Angel Hill» by S. Villaverde (1963), «Grandmaster Score» I.P. Shtemler (1965), «The Cloud in Pants» by V.V. Mayakovsky (1976, honorary title of the prize winner of the Kirov Plant), «Smiles Everywhere» by E. M. Yudin (1977), the works of B. Shaw (1977 not published).

Since 1959 - participant of exhibitions. Member of the Leningrad organization of the Union of artists of the RSFSR (since 1962), member of the bureau of the section of graphics (since 1965), member of the board of the Leningrad organization of the Union of artists of the RSFSR (since 1968), chairman of the section of graphics (since 1976). Exhibited at exhibitions: watercolors and drawings (1959, 1965), works of Leningrad artists (1960, 1961, 1962, 1964) in Leningrad; Republican art exhibition «Soviet Russia» (1960), 9th All-Union Exhibition of diploma works by students of art universities of the USSR (1961), «Young Printing Artists» (1962), 1st All-Union Exhibition of Watercolor (1965) in Moscow; «Artists on the Yenisei» in Krasnoyarsk (1966). Personal exhibitions were held in Leningrad (1974, 1980, 1981).

Creativity is represented in many museum collections, among them - the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin, State Russian Museum.


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