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Yaroslavtsev Anatoly Ivanovich

Yaroslavtsev Anatoly Ivanovich (1951-2019) - Soviet and Russian graphic artist, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. A.I. Yaroslavtsev was born on February 16, 1951 in the city of Voskresensk, Moscow Region. In 1975 he graduated from the Moscow Art School «In Memory of 1905» (regional department). Studied with teachers: Y. G. Gorelov, D. A. Vorontsov, Y. G. Sedov, M. F. Petrov, O. A. Ovseyan.

  • 1983 - the beginning of creative activity.
  • 1987 - Member of the Union of Artists of Russia; takes an active part in social activities of the Moscow Regional Branch of the Union of Artists; leads a group of artists to design the coat of arms of the city of Reutov.
  • 2003 - elected as a member of the bureau of the graphics section of the Union of Artists of Russia.
  • 2004-2008 - Elected chairman of the graphics section of the Union of Artists of Russia.
  • 2003 - elected as a member of the bureau of the graphics section of the Union of Artists of Russia.
  • 2004-2008 - Elected chairman of the graphics section of the Union of Artists of Russia.
  • 2007 - Honored Artist of Russia.
  • 2014 - was awarded the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation «For the nobility of thoughts and deeds».
  • 2017 - Awarded with a silver medal «Spirituality, Traditions and Skill» by the Union of Artists of Russia.
  • 2018 - Diploma of the Union of Artists of Russia for success in creativity and assistance in the development of the fine arts of Russia.

For the last 18 years he worked in a workshop in the city of Khimki, Moscow Region. In 1978, after getting married, he moved to the city of Reutov, Moscow Region, where he lived until the end of his life. On August 1, 2019, A.I. Yaroslavtsev died suddenly at the age of 69. Buried at the Novo-village cemetery of the Balashikha district. Anatoly Ivanovich Yaroslavtsev worked for 45 years in the profession. Work was his style and way of life, his usual daily routine - every morning at his desk. Without loud declarations, statements, arguments about creativity. It looks like monastic obedience - constant doing.
Also - travel, but targeted: fill yourself with what will provide an opportunity to sit at your desk in the morning. The attitude to everything else - exhibitions, catalogs, museums, work in the Union of Artists - as an inevitable accompaniment of the profession. The artist worked in a realistic manner; in different genres - subject composition, historical theme, landscape, portrait. To maximize the various themes of his works, he used different techniques - etching, drawing, linocut, poster, oil painting. But, of course, etching was the master's main preference. Apparently, the laboriousness of the etching technology ideally coincided with the artist's personal qualities - patience, endurance, thoroughness, and diligence, thus ensuring the highest level of honed skill. The main motive of the artist's work is a stubborn and fearless gazing at life in all its manifestations, an attempt to comprehend them. Now we have to gaze into his works, which reflect the life into which he gazed tirelessly.
A huge creative legacy has been left, requiring systematization and comprehension, but the artistic scale of which is obvious.

Anatoly Yaroslavtsev is a participant of regional, All-Russian, international and personal exhibitions:

  • 1999 All-Russian exhibition «Boldinskaya autumn» to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • 2000 All-Russian art exhibition dedicated to the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ «To your name», Moscow
  • 2003 Interregional Exhibition «Artists of the Central Regions of Russia», Lipetsk
  • 2004 All-Russian art exhibition «Russia X» Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • 2005 International Exhibition «Victory», Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • 2008 Exhibition-Forum «Cultural Reality of Moscow Region», Exhibition Center «Crocus Expo» Moscow
  • 2009 All-Russian art exhibition «Russia XI» Central House of Artists, Moscow.
  • 2012 Russian exhibition of paintings «Enter Russia», Harbin, China
  • 2014 Interregional exhibition (XI) «Artists of the Central regions of Russia», Lipetsk
  • 2018 Regional exhibition of the Moscow Union of Artists «Artists - Moscow», Moscow

Personal exhibitions:

  • 1989 Prague
  • 1990. Resurrection Museum of History and Local Lore
  • 1999 England
  • 2001 Balashikha Picture Gallery
  • 2006 Noginsk Cultural and Exhibition Center
  • 2019 Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists of Russia

Museum collections, which contain the works of A. I. Yaroslavtsev: State Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin. Moscow; Victoria and Albert Museum London; Museum of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, Moscow; Polytechnic Museum, Moscow; State Lermontov Museum-Reserve «Tarkhany»; Samara Regional Art Museum; Historical and Art Museum of Serpukhov; Institute of Russian Realistic Art. Moscow; Museum of Russian Art. Harbin. China; Private collections in Russia and abroad.


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