Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Alexey Fedorovich Pakhomov (September 19 [October 2] 1900, the village of Varlamovo, Vologda Province - April 14, 1973, Leningrad) - a Soviet graphic artist and painter. People's Artist of the USSR (1971). Full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1964). Winner of the State Prize of the USSR (1973 - posthumously) and the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1946).

In the late 1920s. A. F. Pakhomov began working in book graphics with his teacher V. V. Lebedev, who became the art editor of the Children's Literature Publishing House and attracted a number of talented young painters. As a master, Lebedev contributed quite a few of his students to the work, sometimes reworking their drawings on their own. In 1936, with the spread of offset printing, Pakhomov managed to persuade Lebedev to try to make an offset printing form from pencil drawings. As a result, Marshak's book School Comrades was published with illustrations by Pakhomov. After that, Pakhomov began to illustrate books primarily in his favorite pencil style. At this time, he also collaborated in children's magazines «Siskin» and «Hedgehog». During his work with Lebedev, Pakhomov developed his own recognizable style in those years, distinguishing dozens of books illustrated by him. A.F. Pakhomov occupies one of the leading places among the artists of children's book graphics of Leningrad of the 1920-1940s.

In the 1920s he was a member of the Leningrad artistic association «Circle of Artists», aesthetically close to Moscow OST.

As a painter, Pakhomov created many significant works that took their place in the history of Leningrad art of the 20th century. Among them: «Reaper» (1928, RM), «Girl in Blue» (1929, RM), «Archers» (1930, RM), «Portrait of Molodtsova drummer» (1931, RM). The historians of Leningrad art note the affiliation of A. F. Pakhomov to the Leningrad school of landscape painting, whose masters are far from being limited to landscape genre alone.

The aesthetics of «graphic realism» was formed not only from the system of artistic techniques. You can characterize it as a real creative movement, in view of the existing agreed creative principles. It united many artists involved in the process of the formation and development of a children's book in the Leningrad graphic arts of the 1920–1930s.

Pakhomov survived the war in besieged Leningrad. As a result, a dramatic series of lithographs «Leningrad in the days of the blockade» (1942-1944) appeared. In 1944, he took part in the exhibition of five artists who were blockade at the Russian Museum (V. M. Konashevich, V. V. Pakulin, A. F. Pakhomov, K. I. Rudakov and A. A. Strekavin). Later, in February 1945, they were exhibited in Moscow.

Since 1942, he taught at the I. Repin Institute for Literature Institute (since 1949 - in the rank of professor). By the early 1960s, having attained high levels of official recognition, Pakhomov, however, felt the need to update his graphic language. The jubilee solo exhibition, which took place in 1961 in the State Russian Museum, served as an impetus to this, in which Pakhomov's early color illustrations aroused great interest. After that, he decides to use the color again in the illustration, returns to some of his own techniques developed in the 1920s. As a result, books with color illustrations come out - L. N. Tolstoy's «Lipunius» (colored pencil), «Grandmother, granddaughter and hen» (watercolor) and others.

Known paintings and graphic portraits of A. F. Pakhomov, executed in different years by Leningrad artists, including Pen Varlen (1963).

Alexey Fedorovich Pakhomov died on April 14, 1973. He was buried in Leningrad at the Theological Cemetery.

Gallery of patterns
Asphalt pavers, Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 53. Asphalt pavers

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион графики

author lithography, 26x20, 1947

Start price: 9 200 

Figure from the book of A.N. Tolstoy «For the little ones», Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 54. Figure from the book of A.N. Tolstoy «For the little ones»

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион графики

author lithograph, 30x23.5 cm, 1954

Start price: 6 900 

Peasant children, Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 55. Peasant children

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион графики

drawing from the book by N.A. Nekrasov, author's lithograph, 29x24.5 cm, 1953

Start price: 6 900 

It is sold for: 16 000 
Figure for the poem N.A. Nekrasov «Peasant Children», Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 56. Figure for the poem N.A. Nekrasov «Peasant Children»

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион графики

paper/pencil, 19.5x16.5 cm, 1953

Start price: 5 800 

It is sold for: 7 500 
To school, Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 58. To school

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион графики

author's lithography, 58x39 cm, 1963

Start price: 7 500 

It is sold for: 4 000 
lot 52. «On Guard», Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 52. «On Guard»

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион № 11

lithograph, 47x31 cm, 1969

Start price: 4 000 

lot 14. «Landing in Victory Park», Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 14. «Landing in Victory Park»

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион № 12

author's lithograph, 61.5x42 cm, sheet: 80x60 cm, 1950

Start price: 10 000 

It is sold for: 6 500 
«Winter Walk», Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 16. «Winter Walk»

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион № 14

color author's lithograph, 37x49 cm, sheet: 47x62 cm

Start price: 5 500 

«Young Musician», Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich.

lot 259. «Young Musician»

Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich

Аукцион № 22

paper on cardboard, author's lithograph, 34x27 cm, 2/4, 1951

Start price: 7 000