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Date of the: 17 June 2020.

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Leningrad easel lithography

      Author's lithography has been widely developed in Leningrad since the 1930s after the organization of the Leningrad Regional Union of Soviet Artists. The main work on artistic lithography was carried out in the Leningrad Regional Union of Soviet Artists, as well as in the Academy of Arts.

     In Leningrad there were all fundamental prerequisites for this. At the beginning of the 19th century, scientific publications on the art and technology of lithography appeared in the capital of Russia St. Petersburg. And already in 1816 the first Russian lithography appeared, made by the artist A.O. Orlovsky. Using printing from stone, technical documents were then produced. Lithographic workshops were created, which also contributed to the spread of easel lithography.

     An important role in supporting and popularizing the art of lithography was played by the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, created in 1820, which promoted and supported art, and was the first in Russia to publish an album of lithographs «Collection of Views of St. Petersburg and its environs» with a circulation of 350 copies.

      During the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century, a large number of lithographed publications, albums, book illustrations, portraits, and cartoons were released in St. Petersburg. Widely used and reproduction lithography. It was the most democratic form of acquaintance of the public with art. In the technique of lithography released his famous "Russian art leaflet" V.F. Timm, illustrated Russian literature and released albums with genre drawings by A. I. Lebedev.

      With the advent of new printing technologies, the emphasis in lithography has shifted to the author. Easel lithographs and illustrations were performed by I.I. Shishkin, V. E. Makovsky, S. V. Ivanov, I. E. Repin, A. and V. Vasnetsov, I. I. Levitan, V. A. Serov, L. S. Bakst and other famous artists.

      The initiators and active participants in the mass development of the art of lithography in the USSR in Petrograd and Leningrad were the outstanding Russian Soviet artists G. S. Vereisky, B. M. Kustodiev, D. N. Kardovsky, N. A. Tyrsa, A. P. Ostroumova-Lebedeva , in the 1930s, young artists, graduates of the Academy of Arts, joined them.

      The lithography workshop in the 1930s – 1950s was located in the building of the Imperial Society for the Promotion of Arts, which was transferred to the Leningrad Organization of the Union of Artists Union, with an entrance from 83 Moika Embankment. What is worth recalling in this 2020, when the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of Arts, which has made a great contribution to the development and support of the art of lithography.

      Before the Union of Artists, the Soviet government set the enlightening task «Art - to the masses!» Favorable conditions were created for the implementation of this task, and lithographic technology and art were perfectly suited for this. A system of remuneration of artists was organized. Lithographs were distributed in sanatoriums and rest houses under construction, kindergartens, schools and pioneer camps, cultural palaces, clubs and libraries, and military units. Created art salons for the sale of works by members of the Union of Artists and Masters of Folk Art.

      The high level of artistic works, a variety of subjects, as well as affordability for the masses of the population, thanks to the possibilities of producing large runs, have made lithography mass and beloved. In addition to easel lithographs, many well-known artists have joined the state program for publishing illustrated books of classical literature and books for children in the specially created publishing house “Children's Literature Publishing House”.

      In the 1930s, real masterpieces of easel lithography and book illustration, the golden fund of Leningrad art were created in Leningrad. These works were created by the most talented artists V.V. Lebedev, Yu. A. Vasnetsov, D. E. Zagoskin, I. M. Etz, M. A. Aslamazyan, V. I. Kurdov, E. I. Charushin, A. N Kaplan, A. V. Kaplun, V. M. Konashevich, N. I. Kostrov, E. A. Kibrik, N. F. Lapshin, A. F. Pakhomov, Yu. N. Petrov, K. I. Rudakov, A. N. Samokhvalov, Yu. A. Syrnev, V. A. Tambi, L. Ya. Timoshenko, N. A. Tyrsa, A. N. Jacobson.

      During the Great Patriotic War, during the defense of Leningrad, in the lithographic workshop of the Union of Artists, unique posters of the Battle Pencil were made, wonderful postcards were issued in the lithographic way.

      Easel lithography in Leningrad was of a high artistic level, both due to the talent and work of artists, and thanks to a well-organized ordering system, the conditions for the creation and distribution of works. In the lithography workshop, older artists passed on their creative experience and techniques to young artists. In the workshop, artistic experiments were encouraged, there was a friendly atmosphere. Creative portraits of cultural figures, politicians, workers, scientists, geologists, sailors, and rural workers were created. A series of lithographs were published on the events of Russian and Soviet history, views of cities and villages, landscapes, live scenes of labor and life of Soviet people. The direction of art for children was especially distinguished.

      In the lithography workshop built in 1963 in the House of the Union of Artists on Pesochnaya Embankment, a galaxy of artists worked on the possibilities of such democratic art, addressed to thousands of people. Both graphic artists and painters worked in lithography, who brought to this art special techniques for using color and applying paint with a brush. The workshop was supervised by the graphics section of the Leningrad Regional Union of Artists and the Combine of Graphic Arts.

      In Leningrad, unique prints in lithographic technique were made in the amount of about 20 prints, on them the author put his signature, name of the work, number of the print and their total number on a pencil (for example: 3/20; this means print number 3, a total of 20 lithographs were made). The first prints are considered especially valuable, but for lithography this is not so important, since high-quality prints of up to thousands of copies can be made from stone. For distribution through art salons and the art lottery, easel lithographs in the USSR were usually printed with a circulation of 500 copies. In this case, the author wrote on the impression with a pencil only the name of the work and put the signature. Prints were delivered to salons in a fringing, with labels, in frames, and, if necessary, in cases.

      Peacetime artists of the 1950s and 1980s continued the wonderful traditions of their predecessors in the prewar and wartime periods. Among the works of older artists, one can single out lithographs by I. S. Astapov, M. N. Butrova, G. S. Vereisky, V. A. Vlasov, M. I. Kuks, A. N. Kaplan, A. S. Vedernikov, V. F. Matyukh, V. A. Vetrogonsky, M. C. Charnetskaya, A. Z. Davydov, B. N. Ermolaev, V. A. Tambi, V. S. Vilner, lithographs of middle-generation artists V. M. Menshikova, E.Yu. Vasnetsova, V.A. Emelyanova, O.G. Kukushkina, O.Yu. Yakhnina, N.V. Klimushkina, B.P. Zabirokhina, L.K. Escaraeva, N.I. Domashenko, T.A. Kozmina, Yu.K. Lyukshina, S.M. Bely, M.S. Karasika and other masters.

      V.S. Vilner invented his special technique similar to lithographic, introducing new pictorial and compositional techniques into Leningrad lithography. In recent years, instead of stone, he began to use plastic, which has the necessary properties, and achieved brilliant results.

      Many lithographs by Leningrad artists were acquired by the State Russian Museum; several major exhibitions of Russian and Soviet lithographs were held in it; the museum had a fund for organizing traveling exhibitions of lithographs. There are lithographs in the collections of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", other St. Petersburg museums, and in the collections of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

      Since the beginning of the 1990s, with the collapse of the USSR, the liquidation of the Art Fund of the RSFSR and the USSR, the mass art of lithography was curtailed both in Leningrad - St. Petersburg, and throughout Russia.

      Easel lithographs of the Leningrad period in St. Petersburg can only be seen at temporary exhibitions organized by museums and collectors, and after 50 years, a significant number of original bright works have been created that reflect the great era of creation, feat, wealth and beauty of life in their native city and country .

      Leningrad easel lithography is a unique phenomenon in the art of the USSR, Russia and deserves to be studied, collected and widely shown to modern viewers.

Yuri Ivanenko,

Association of Art Critics, Union of Artists of Russia

St. Petersburg, 2020

It is sold for: 70 000 
lot 1. «Azovstroy Plant», Baksheev Vasily Nikolaevich.

lot 1. «Azovstroy Plant»

Baksheev Vasily Nikolaevich

canvas/oil, 27x36 cm, 1935

Start price: 70 000 

lot 2. «Circus», Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich.

lot 2. «Circus»

Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich

canvas/oil, 65x82 cm, 1965

Start price: 60 000 

It is sold for: 60 000 
lot 4. «Neva Navigation», Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich.

lot 4. «Neva Navigation»

Suvorov Igor Vladimirovich

oil on canvas, 50x95 cm, 1970s

Start price: 60 000 

lot 5. «Prague», Kaneev Mikhail Alexandrovich.

lot 5. «Prague»

Kaneev Mikhail Alexandrovich

canvas / cardboard / oil, 35x32 cm

Start price: 35 000 

lot 6. «Prague», Kaneev Mikhail Alexandrovich.

lot 6. «Prague»

Kaneev Mikhail Alexandrovich

canvas / cardboard / oil, 34x31 cm

Start price: 35 000 

It is sold for: 1 500 
lot 8. «Bullfinches», Kostrova Anna Alexandrovna.

lot 8. «Bullfinches»

Kostrova Anna Alexandrovna

author's lithograph, 33x40 cm, 1969

Start price: 1 500 

It is sold for: 3 400 
lot 9. «Pilot», Gagarina Lidia Ivanovna.

lot 9. «Pilot»

Gagarina Lidia Ivanovna

paper/pencil, 29х20.5 cm, 1940s

Start price: 1 000 

lot 11. «Naked», Reyhet Petr Viktorovich.

lot 11. «Naked»

Reyhet Petr Viktorovich

paper / charcoal, 70x56 cm, 2008

Start price: 30 000 

lot 12. «Autumn», Reyhet Victor Iosifovich.

lot 12. «Autumn»

Reyhet Victor Iosifovich

paper / mixed technique, 36x48 cm, 1953

Start price: 25 000 

lot 13. «Autumn day», Reyhet Victor Iosifovich.

lot 13. «Autumn day»

Reyhet Victor Iosifovich

paper / mixed technique, 36x49 cm, 1991

Start price: 25 000 

lot 14. «Peonies on a red background», Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich.

lot 14. «Peonies on a red background»

Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich

author's lithography, 35x43 cm, 1969

Start price: 2 000 

It is sold for: 3 000 
lot 15. «Woman's portrait», Schmidt Alexander Vladimirovich.

lot 15. «Woman's portrait»

Schmidt Alexander Vladimirovich

cardboard / oil, 60x50 cm, 1970s

Start price: 3 000 

It is sold for: 6 000 
lot 16. «Woman's portrait», Ushin Nikolai Alekseevich.

lot 16. «Woman's portrait»

Ushin Nikolai Alekseevich

paper / pencil, 23x26 cm, 1927

Start price: 6 000 

lot 17. «May 1», Smirnov Vadim Vyacheslavovich.

lot 17. «May 1»

Smirnov Vadim Vyacheslavovich

paper/mixed technique, 50x68 cm, 1970s

Start price: 10 000 

lot 18. «Demonstration», Smirnov Vadim Vyacheslavovich.

lot 18. «Demonstration»

Smirnov Vadim Vyacheslavovich

paper / mixed media, 50x70 cm, 1970s

Start price: 10 000 

lot 19. «Blizzard», Tyulenev Vitaliy Ivanovich.

lot 19. «Blizzard»

Tyulenev Vitaliy Ivanovich

paper / watercolor, 25x58 cm, 1991

Start price: 10 000 

It is sold for: 10 000 
lot 20. «In the summer», Smirnov Vadim Vyacheslavovich.

lot 20. «In the summer»

Smirnov Vadim Vyacheslavovich

paper / mixed media, 50x70 cm

Start price: 10 000 

lot 21. «Interior No. 4», Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich.

lot 21. «Interior No. 4»

Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich

author's lithograph, 30x30 cm, 1975

Start price: 2 000 

lot 22. «Interior No. 3», Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich.

lot 22. «Interior No. 3»

Kostrov Nikolay Ivanovich

author's lithograph, 30x30 cm, 1975

Start price: 2 000 

lot 24. «Landscape», Sokolov Vasily Vasilievich.

lot 24. «Landscape»

Sokolov Vasily Vasilievich

paper / watercolor, 50x70 cm, 1987

Start price: 40 000 

It is sold for: 15 000 
lot 25. «The village of Sharobyky», Zvontsov Vasily Mikhailovich.

lot 25. «The village of Sharobyky»

Zvontsov Vasily Mikhailovich

cardboard / ink, 30x35 cm, 1980

Start price: 15 000 

It is sold for: 20 000 
lot 26. «Fishermen. Valaam», Tyulenev Vitaliy Ivanovich.

lot 26. «Fishermen. Valaam»

Tyulenev Vitaliy Ivanovich

paper / watercolor, 35.5x47.5 cm, 1980s

Start price: 20 000 

lot 27. «2 watercolors», Tyulenev Vitaliy Ivanovich.

lot 27. «2 watercolors»

Tyulenev Vitaliy Ivanovich

«Wind from the south» (1992), «Spring blue» (1990)

Start price: 35 000 

lot 28. «Red Army man», Volodimirov Nikolay Nikolaevich.

lot 28. «Red Army man»

Volodimirov Nikolay Nikolaevich

canvas / oil, 80x60 cm, 1960s

Start price: 30 000