Exhibition «Teachers and Pupils»

Date of the: 26 May 2018.

From May 26 to June 13, 2018 in Ceremonial halls of the Research museum at the Russian Academy of Arts the Teachers and Pupils exhibition will take place. The project is organized together with «Imperial Society of Encouragement of Arts» fund, with fund of realistic art of V.F. Pustarnakov and in close cooperation with Heydar Aliyev's fund. The exhibition will be shown in Ceremonial halls of the museum. The exposition will include works from funds of the Research museum at the Russian Academy of Arts and from a collection of fund of realistic art of V.F. Pustarnakov.

The research museum will present the material covering the period of the end of the 1940th – the 1950th years: works of painting by graduates of two largest art higher educational institutions - the Leningrad institute of painting, a sculpture and architecture of I.E. Repin and the Moscow art institute of V.I. Surikov. These years at Institute of I.E. Repin R.R. Frents, V.M. Oreshnikov, B.V. Ioganson, M.I. Avilov taught and directed workshops. The subject educational and theses is various: portraits and subject compositions affect all aspects of life of the generation which has endured the Great Patriotic War: education of children, their training; work and rest, simple human pleasures have found reflection in M.L. Rudnitskaya, P.G. Kiparisov, L.V. Gudskov, B.M. Lavrenko, N.L. Veselova, F.A. Aminov's pictures, L. V. Kabacheka, V.F. Zagoneka, N.P. Medovikova. The list of artists is multinational — the painters who were born in Baku, Fergana, Odessa, Kazan, Gorky, Vitebsk came to Leningrad or Moscow to get classical art education, to get acquainted with meetings of the great museums. Subsequently many of them devoted themselves not only creative, but also teaching activity. The highest skill of execution of picturesque cloths testifies to the level of art education and to continuity of the traditions characteristic of the Soviet school of the 1950th years. Works as very famous masters, such as T.T. Salakhov, A.P. Levitin and V.F. Zagonek, and artists who have taken more modest place in art of the 20th century are presented at an exhibition.

The fund of realistic art of V.F. Pustarnakov will present works of the developed masters of St. Petersburg and Moscow, graduates of Academy of Arts among which – A.A. Plastov, V.A. Bazhenov, Yu.P. Kugach, E.E. Moiseenko, V.D. Bernadsky, I.M. Varichev, B.F. Fedorov, V.F. Zagonek and many others. Creativity of these masters has become history of the fine arts long ago and is continuation of the traditions which are saved up not by one generation of the Russian painters. The audience will be able to get acquainted as with the first serious pictures of outstanding artists, and with later works which have become pride of our art culture.

After the Research museum at the Russian Academy of Arts, fall of 2018, the exhibition will be shown in exhibition space of the Center of Heydar Aliyev in Baku where it will be dated for 90-year anniversary of T.T. Salakhov. The exposition will be complemented with works by the Azerbaijani artists from a collection of Fund of Heydar Aliyev. Works of the presented artists are penetrated by an esthetics of the middle of the XX century, and it is possible to speak about the creation of the whole school, the direction which have found the followers.
At the beginning of 2019 the exhibition will be seen by the Moscow audience in halls of the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow
The exhibition offered the viewer helps to look more deeply at the past and to estimate the highest skill of the artists working in the fifties, to track the general tendencies and differences of art schools of Moscow and Leningrad of that time. Especially It should be noted the international list of the presented artists, and that fact that this project will take place in three cities: St. Petersburg, Moscow and Baku and, thereby, certainly, will not only popularize achievements of the Russian culture, but also to promote strengthening of the international cultural ties.

«From the Watch», Salakhov Tair Teymurovich, Salakhov Tair Teymurovich.

«From the Watch»

Salakhov Tair Teymurovich

canvas/oil, 163х352 cm, 1957.


«Female naked model», Salakhov T.T., Salakhov Tair Teymurovich.

«Female naked model»

Salakhov Tair Teymurovich

canvas/oil, 119х85 cm, 1956.


«Tatar girl's portrait», Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich, Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich.

«Tatar girl's portrait»

Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich

canvas/oil, 87х66 cm, 1950.


«On world watch», Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich, Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich.

«On world watch»

Atsmanchuk Alexander Pavlovich

canvas/oil, 99х128 cm, 1951.


«The Tatar holiday of a harvest - Sabantuy», Aminov F.F., Aminov Fayzulla Fayzrakhmanovich.

«The Tatar holiday of a harvest - Sabantuy»

Aminov Fayzulla Fayzrakhmanovich

canvas/oil, 154х245,5 cm, 1948.


«Nakhimovtsy in the Naval Museum», Ivanova Alexandra Mikhailovna, Ivanova Alexandra Mikhailovna.

«Nakhimovtsy in the Naval Museum», Ivanova Alexandra Mikhailovna

Ivanova Alexandra Mikhailovna

canvas / oil, 166.5х216 cm., 1951.


«On the highway of the Turkmen Canal», Kuzybayev Nigman Mirza-Baevich, Kuzybayev Nigman Mirza-Baevich.

«On the highway of the Turkmen Canal»

Kuzybayev Nigman Mirza-Baevich

canvas/oil, 58х98,5 cm, 1951.


«At cotton-mill», Kopnina Tatyana Vladimirovna, Kopnina Tatyana Vladimirovna.

«At cotton-mill»

Kopnina Tatyana Vladimirovna

canvas/oil, 178,5х162,5 cm, 1950.


«Motherhood», Rudnitskaya Maria Leonidovna, Rudnitskaya Maria Leonidovna.


Rudnitskaya Maria Leonidovna

canvas/oil, 159х111 cm, 1949.


«In the Russian Museum», Shestakova Vera Nikolaevna, Shestakova Vera Nikolaevna.

«In the Russian Museum»

Shestakova Vera Nikolaevna

canvas/oil, 190,5х234 cm, 1949


«Song», Kiparisov Pyotr Gavrilovich, Kiparisov Pyotr Gavrilovich.


Kiparisov Pyotr Gavrilovich

canvas/oil, 137х180 cm, 1955.


«Highway at collective farm of V.I. Lenin», Podlyassky Yury Stanislavovich, .

«Highway at collective farm of V.I. Lenin»


canvas/oil, 89х140 cm, 1950.


«Water goes», Tokarev Vladimir Fedorovich, Tokarev Vladimir Fedorovich.

«Water goes»

Tokarev Vladimir Fedorovich

canvas/oil, 125,5х205 cm, 1954.


«Admiral Nakhimov at Sinop», Medovikov Nikita Petrovich, Medovikov Nikita Petrovich.

«Admiral Nakhimov at Sinop»

Medovikov Nikita Petrovich

canvas/oil, 124х281 cm, 1950


«Spring in collective farm», Zagonek Vyacheslav Frantsevich, Zagonek Vyacheslav Frantsevich.

«Spring in collective farm»

Zagonek Vyacheslav Frantsevich

canvas/oil, 160х245 cm, 1950.


«The first detail», Lomakin Nikolay Grigoryevich, Lomakin Nikolay Grigoryevich.

«The first detail»

Lomakin Nikolay Grigoryevich

canvas/oil, 116х201 cm, 1953.


«In the Evening», Fokin Leonid Antonovich, Fokin Leonid Antonovich.

«In the Evening», Fokin Leonid Antonovich

Fokin Leonid Antonovich

canvas/oil, 119x189 cm., 1956.


«At collective-farm stadium», Lavrenko Boris Mikhaylovich, Lavrenko Boris Mikhaylovich.

«At collective-farm stadium»

Lavrenko Boris Mikhaylovich

canvas/oil, 115х190 cm, 1952.


«Female portrait», Kilica Wilson, Kilica Wilson.

«Female portrait»

Kilica Wilson

canvas/oil, 96х72 cm, 1956.


«Girl in a national suit», Dorofeyev Nikolay Ivanovich, Dorofeyev Nikolay Ivanovich.

«Girl in a national suit»

Dorofeyev Nikolay Ivanovich

canvas/oil, 124,3х70 cm, 1955.


«Youth crew», Lomakin N.G., Lomakin Nikolay Grigoryevich.

«Youth crew»

Lomakin Nikolay Grigoryevich

canvas/oil, 67,5х105 cm, 1951.


«Restoration of the Samson fountain in Petrodvorets», Zelenskaya G.A., Zelenskaya Galina Andreevna.

«Restoration of the Samson fountain in Petrodvorets», Zelenskaya G.A.

Zelenskaya Galina Andreevna

canvas/oil, 170х164 cm, 1949.


«The awarded teacher», Veselova Nina Leonidovna, Veselova Nina Leonidovna.

«The awarded teacher»

Veselova Nina Leonidovna

canvas/oil, 169х193 cm, 1950.


«Exchange of Stakhanov experience», Levitin A.P., Levitin Anatoly Pavlovich.

«Exchange of Stakhanov experience», Levitin A.P.

Levitin Anatoly Pavlovich

canvas/oil, 190,5х250,5 cm, 1951.