lot 1. «Rest». Jacobson Alexandra Nikolaevna

lot 1. «Rest»

author's lithograph, 31.5x44 cm, sheet: 43x57.5, 1939.

No. 599, circulation 1100 copies. In the lower right corner, signature in pencil. On the back there is a round stamp: Leningrad Union of Soviet Artists, Experimental printing workshop.

Start price: 5 500 
It is sold for: 5500
lot 1. «Rest». Jacobson Alexandra Nikolaevna
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lot 2. «70 kilometers to Leningrad», Brodsky Valentin Yakovlevich.

lot 2. «70 kilometers to Leningrad»

Brodsky Valentin Yakovlevich

color author's lithography, 36x51 cm, sheet: 45.5x60 cm, 1965

Price: 5 500 

lot 3. «Mountain camp. Series «Khibiny»», Novikov Petr Vasilevich.

lot 3. «Mountain camp. Series «Khibiny»»

Novikov Petr Vasilevich

color lithography, 28.5x35 cm, sheet: 32x39 cm, 1937

Price: 4 500 

lot 4. «Rest», Novikov Petr Vasilevich.

lot 4. «Rest»

Novikov Petr Vasilevich

color lithograph, 26.5x35.5 cm, sheet: 35.5x44 cm, 1935

Price: 4 500 

lot 6. «Portrait of Y. Tynyanov», Vereisky Georgy Semenovich.

lot 6. «Portrait of Y. Tynyanov»

Vereisky Georgy Semenovich

lithograph, 32.7x23.7 cm, 1930s

Price: 5 000